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Check here weekly to see a snapshot of some new and interesting reviews, forum topics, articles, etc… October 1, 2016: This month’s Music Picks have been posted on the Music Forum. Please […]

We Lost A Good One…

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A.J. Conti, the brilliant founder of Basis Audio, passed from a heart attack a few days ago at the age of 59. It is always surreal to know that a person I […]

Hardware Review: The USB Disruptor

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A Short Review of The USB Disruptor and DaBigGenius USB cable from Truth In Systems, LLC (www.USBDisruptor.com) Here’s the “Bottom Line,” but right at the top: Why? Because you don’t really need to read this review… with […]

The POTUS Playlists

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A few years back, it was quite a shock to realize that I was actually older than the President of The United States… to drive home the point, Obama made it […]

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In case you missed the last newsletter, I started a monthly column with music selections from our leadership team. The idea was to start a conversation between us all where […]

Event Postponement Feedback

A big “Thank you” to the 40 or so members (so far) who wrote in with comments regarding our postponement of a scheduled event. If you don’t know what I’m referring […]

Amazing Event on Music Servers

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SFAS Audiophile Education Series Presents: Music Server Event Wow. SFAS’ Joe “Mad Scientist” Hakim’s debut – spearheading an SFAS event on his own – was a tremendous success. The quality […]

DAC Smackdown #2 Event

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Our second DAC Smackdown event was a great success! We had a full house of members, including those selected to bring their own DACs to participate in the fun. Pictured […]

The Vinyl Renaissance Pushes Onward

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Venerable cultural observer, The New Yorker, has published another incisive article on the ongoing drama of the LP resurgence.  Many of us older vinyl stalwarts are amazed that after decades of […]

SFAS Gets Press!

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Recently, SV Magazine, centered in the South Bay, ran a nice one-page article on SFAS written by their Automotive Editor, Brian Douglas, who turns out is an avid audiophile. It’s […]

A Day of Audio Magic

Magico Tour

What a year it has been! Just this past weekend, we broke all attendance records with over 100 SFAS members converging on Magico’s new factory and headquarters in Hayward.  This […]