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Check here weekly to see a snapshot of some new and interesting reviews, forum topics, articles, etc… October 27, 2016: Two new columns for your reading pleasure: David Hicks’s Analogology and […]

New York Times Article

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The NYT seems to me to be the most Audiophile-friendly newspaper I know of. Here’s another great article: Click here http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/31/arts/music/london-listening-clubs-spiritland.html?_r=0

We Lost A Good One…

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A.J. Conti, the brilliant founder of Basis Audio, passed from a heart attack a few days ago at the age of 59. It is always surreal to know that a person I […]

Hardware Review: The USB Disruptor

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A Short Review of The USB Disruptor and DaBigGenius USB cable from Truth In Systems, LLC (www.USBDisruptor.com) Here’s the “Bottom Line,” but right at the top: Why? Because you don’t really need to read this review… with […]

The POTUS Playlists

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A few years back, it was quite a shock to realize that I was actually older than the President of The United States… to drive home the point, Obama made it […]

Recommended Music


In case you missed the last newsletter, I started a monthly column with music selections from our leadership team. The idea was to start a conversation between us all where […]

Event Postponement Feedback

A big “Thank you” to the 40 or so members (so far) who wrote in with comments regarding our postponement of a scheduled event. If you don’t know what I’m referring […]

Amazing Event on Music Servers

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SFAS Audiophile Education Series Presents: Music Server Event Wow. SFAS’ Joe “Mad Scientist” Hakim’s debut – spearheading an SFAS event on his own – was a tremendous success. The quality […]