Changing Tracks – The Big News


I’m posting this pivotal letter here for anyone who did not receive it via email. Thanks to all who wrote in with such enthusiastic support! ~Alón Greetings, Everyone! As I trust you’ve […]

Von Schweikert Event/SFAS Launch

sfass july 19 2014 048

The day after Albert Von Schweikert presented his Mr. Wizard Show to an audience of SFAS members (fully-packed in Leslie’s newly renovated, expanded, and very cool listening room), he wrote to say:  “Thank you for […]

Honoring The Lineage

Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for the many enthusiastic letters of support and congratulations. Your words were a salve for my red, bleary eyes. Yes, there is much more […]

THE Show in Newport – Jason’s Blog

hiresnewportlogoforweb Friday morning, May 30, was Day One of T.H.E Show Newport Beach. With the opening bell struck, as it were, by a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the lobby of the […]

Working with Dealers

Greetings! Having returned from the big audio show in Newport, my mind is buzzing with excitement about where we could go with our group of dedicated Bay Area audiophiles. In […]

Audiophile Music Reviews and Stories (This is what will occupy all my time for the next 7 or 8 days) No sooner has the Munich Show ended than T.H.E. Show Newport Beach is set to commence. Running from […]

ABX Comparator Event?


Hello everyone, This is a request for direct feedback from you. Yes, this unit is potentially a game-changer for our industry – but unlike previous events, some of the audio […]

Now, Bach to You…


This past Friday, Bob Walters made my day. I don’t think he knew I was a big fan of Bach… but the little link he sent me rocked my world. […]

2014 Schedule of Events


Here are our upcoming events in California for 2014. More may be added as we move through the year. We did our best to also avoid dates that conflict with […]

Montreal Show Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Such is the story of the Montreal Audio Show akaSalon Son et Image (SSI), which takes place this coming weekend, March 28–30. The […]

Universal Music Group’s Blu-ray/Hi-Res Initiative Part 1: Thumbing their collective nose at pundits who predict the imminent demise of physical media, Universal Music Group has begun reissuing select back catalog and new releases in […]

Good-Bye and Good Buy

Most of you know by now that one of our favorite Audio dealers, Bob Kehn, is shutting down after 20 years ion the East Bay. He will be missed – […]

Local Audio Happenings

Greetings Audio Tribe, Coming up at Audio High in the South Bay (unfortunately right on my 54th birthday, so I don’t think my wife will be OK with my coming […]

Smackdown #1: Preliminary Recap

Well, I haven’t heard of any fatalities, so I assume all attendees survived our first (full, sold out!) Audio Smackdown! Feedback is starting to come in, and well, well… you guys actually had […]