Alón’s Video Vault: MBL

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This MBL promotional Video is just great. A very classy and entertaining way of delivering the message that with very high resolution audio systems, you’ll hear details you simply cannot […]

How Loudspeakers Work

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This may be the best visual animated representation of the (amazing) process of re-creating music with, in this example, cone speakers. This is a great learning tool for those new […]

Alón’s Video Vault

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This Science and Music theme seems to be showing up a lot lately – this time, using actual music. This musical Science Experiment is for real, no special effects are used […]

Event Attendees Respond!


Here are some excerpts of responses from SFAS members who attended Audio Day in Wine Country: First of all, one couldn’t help but be impressed by the enthusiasm of our […]

In Memorium: Harry Pearson

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Arguably one of the founding fathers of high-end audio Harry Pearson passed away a few days ago. If you’ve been an audiophile for a few decades, there is little chance […]

Organizing A Computer-Based Audio Library

Dan Gravell

Hello All, I almost called this new program of expert guest bloggers, The SFAS Guestperts Series – so obviously, I need some better sounding name suggestions! Please submit your ideas in a comment below. For […]

Alón’s Video Vault: Water and Sound

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Some things in life are just fascinating. This is a relatively simple experiment showing the behavior of regular tap water when introduced to a certain audio frequency. This makes me want […]

The Future of Music Videos?

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You must experience this… recording artist Beck has proven that he is, in fact, the center of the musical Universe. However, this time, he surrounds his omnipotent self with almost 180 […]

It’s Time.


Time to take SFAS to the next level. The web site is ready. All glitches that have shown themselves so far have been resolved. We’ve had a succession of sold-out […]

Blogging LIVE from CAS 5!


Blogging LIVE from CAS5! The Hotel Room Sound Mystery Our day setting up at the California audio show was a doozy. Hotel rooms are notoriously poor environments for high end […]

SFAS Leadership Team Growing!

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Greetings, everyone! Over the last few weeks, two important individuals have joined our leadership team, and it is with great pleasure that I get to introduce them to you. First, […]

Von Schweikert Event/SFAS Launch

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The day after Albert Von Schweikert presented his Mr. Wizard Show to an audience of SFAS members (fully-packed in Leslie’s newly renovated, expanded, and very cool listening room), he wrote to say:  “Thank you for […]