Vinyl Renaissance Continues


If you’re wondering if the resurgence of analog is a fad, consider that new pressing plants are popping up all over the world. One of many recent articles point to […]

Super Tweeters You Can’t Buy

SFAS Twits

As a wild, flailing thrust into the 21st Century, your SFAS Leadership Team has embraced social media. Hoping to live up to the lofty moniker “Super Tweeters,” our courageous band […]

Our First SFAS Analog Event!

Analog groove

Our first analog event is a Phono-Stage Smackdown, on April 18th. You should have received the registration invitation last week via email. I’m almost giddy (almost) with excitement about this […]

The Return of The Album

Screenshot 2015-03-30 13.52.43

Our upcoming analogue event on April 18th is well-timed to reflect the changing habits of music-lovers away from listening to single after single on a shuffle setting on a smart […]

Results of 2014 Member Survey

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SUMMARY RESULTS of SFAS 2014 MEMBER SURVEY By Dan Rubin ABOUT THE SURVEY Invitation and link to survey mailed to all membership on October 30, 2014 Follow up to non-respondents on […]

Our DAC Shoot-Out Event Report

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DAC Shootout Event By Dan Rubin     In the member survey we conducted at end the end of last year, DACs was the most-requested product category for product comparison. […]

SFAS & SFJazz in Stereophile!

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This is so exciting. Only minutes ago, Jason Victor Serinus’s article on the SFAS/SFJazz collaboration was posted on! Click on the image of our logos to read the article […]

Is This The Future of Vacuum Tubes?

Screenshot 2015-01-31 08.47.44

This is very exciting: A few days ago, at the 2015 National Association of Music Merchants show in Southern California (NAMM) , Korg and Noritake introduced the Nutube, a new miniaturized and high performance vacuum tube. It is […]

Alón’s Video Vault: MBL

Screenshot 2014-12-05 10.40.52

This MBL promotional Video is just great. A very classy and entertaining way of delivering the message that with very high resolution audio systems, you’ll hear details you simply cannot […]