BAAS Audio Gear SmackDown #2: Tweaks, Voodoo and Magic

Our next event on May 3rd, 2014 at 10:00am

at the beautiful Lundin Castle in Orinda

Step away from Psycho-Acoustics For Dummies and put your tweaks up!

Now, this should be fun.

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Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced that confused sinking feeling of resignation when we accept what our trained and discerning ears are telling us. Sometimes, it’s really bad – standing there dumbfounded that this ridiculous voodoo-snake oil tweak you just auditioned is having you reach for your credit card, because, dammit, it should not have worked, but, unbelievably, it did… You’re thinking, “Crap. I certainly can’t tell my spouse about this.” Well, we’re here for you. Be proud, or not – but do bring any tweak you own that worked, or you think worked (Oh boy… did I mention psycho-acoustics yet?). It doesn’t matter how much it cost or even if it’s your own prototype! The more unusual, the better… as long as you know, or believe, you heard some difference!

Many years ago, not quite when the earth was flat, but right around the time of the introduction of Audiophile Cones that drained away or turned spurious vibrations into heat and blew open walls as the soundstage widened – a product that would have engendered jeers and been quickly relegated to Voodoo scam status by knowledgable critics who never heard it. Now, of course… well, you know. The problem with being ahead of your time, even slightly, is that you’re likely to be ridiculed before your innovation is self-evident – and then those same critics will say, “…of course, it was obvious all along!” We will blind demo to the best of our ability. Our first submission is from our very own First Chair of Events and the Queen of Lundin Castle herself (Leslie, if you have yet to meet her).

Here’s the line up so far:

1. Synergistic FEQ and HFTs – Leslie

2. Synergistic Research MIGs and Big MIGs – Lynn Bailiff

3. Passive AC line filters  – Ori

4. Shakti Stone – Mike Tucker

5. Weizhi Footers, Solid-Tech Discs of Silence & Feet of Silence – Gundam (?)

6. Gajik will be doing something tweaky with an Oppo BDP-105 he’s bringing, all shrouded in mystery

7. Audio by Van Alstine ABX Comparator switch box – Alón

X. Your Tweak here (please submit)

OK, we have a fairly good assortment, but it’s time to bring out your craziest tweaks – you know, the Rice Paper Cable Wraps; or that tube thingy that hangs off your speaker’s binding post; and how about some Holographs, or Tibetan Bowls, or the CD edge shaving and coloring device you got for Christmas?

Only 2 weeks to go before our Smackdown #2, so, please, if you’re planning on coming, sign up now as it helps us coordinate the flow of the day and tweak the order of tweaks. A reminder email will go out today as well.



  1. gundam91 says

    Another idea, which can be performed quickly and has some interesting results, is the record weight. When I was without my system for two years while the house was under construction, I brought different record weights to friends’ houses and tried them on other people’s turntables.

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