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David Hicks’s Analog Record Review (full):
Screenshot 2016-12-01 14.14.06I was originally going to recommend one of my latest acquisitions, a Ralph Towner LP that I picked up over Thanksgiving week at a used record store in Ft Bragg. I purchased the album because one of my favorite albums is Oregon’s “Out of The Woods” and I figured I’d probably like a solo live Ralph Towner album too. I do, but I’ve now reconsidered my recommendation and decided to go instead with the album that inspired me to buy the solo LP.
“Out of the Woods” is an album that was not one I was fond of the first couple of times I heard it. It wasn’t that I disliked it, I just didn’t appreciate it the way I do now until after I’d heard it repeated enough that its’ coherent complexity became part of my awareness while listening to it. Once I grasped the whole of the recording I gained a deeper appreciation of the individual parts, or melodies, and hence the album became a favorite. I consider it my good fortune that I visited a friend who played this on more than one occasion which gave me the opportunity to “listen” to the groups musicians working together to construct the individually composed tracks, including Jim Pepper’s “Wicthi-Tai-To” in a way that the individual pieces’ sound as if they are part of an organic whole, much in the way a single composer would create a symphony with many movements that together are (hopefully) tied together to form one intended composition.  From my perspective, you might like their music if you like any of the genres: Jazz, Classical, World, New Age, Latin, Eastern, or Folk Music.
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Oregon, the group, consists of:
  • Paul McCandless – bass clarinet, English horn, oboe
  • Glen Moore – bass, guitar
  • Ralph Towner – flugelhorn, guitar, 12 String guitar, classical guitar, percussion, piano
  • Collin Walcott – guitar, percussion, sitar, table
Towner and Moore originally met as students in 1960 at theUniversity of Oregon. By 1969, both were working as musicians while living in New York; where they were introduced to world music pioneerPaul Winter’s “Consort” ensemble. In 1970 Towner and Moore joined the Winter Consort and met fellow members McCandless and Walcott and the four began exploring improvisation on their own. You can check out their music on Tidal and read a more about them on their website at www.oregonband.com
Oregon still record and tours together, albeit with a minor change in personnel, and they have just released a new CD, their 30th for the group, spanning over 46 years of making music as Oregon.
Out of the Woods was released in 1978.
On a personal note: I like these album recommendations because they are a way for me to be exposed to new music or new recordings of old music that I may not know of. They’re also a way to fill space and provide content on the SFAS web site. The question may next be expressed: Who looks at these recommendations and the web site besides our core group of SFAS directors?  An answer could be easily offered if you as a SFAS member were to post something in the reply section below one, or more, of these postings, even if your posting simply indicated you read the piece.  You could, should you desire, even go further and make a suggestion for types of content you think might provide greater relevance to your interests should you feel the content being provided is not of an ilk enough to your own interests to draw you in.

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