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    I was fortunate to have a solo audition in the Raidho room, listening to the new model 4.1 loudspeakers, which I believe list at $108,000, which is not chump change. The presenter cued up a Beatles track on LP and nearly fried my ears. Something was wrong in this room. Although I did hear things in this familiar song that I never heard before, the speakers were so bright that my ears got fatigued fast.

    I picked out more familiar tracks from albums I own and know well, such as Dire Straits’ “The man’s too strong” and it nearly killed me with stridency and upper octave glare. Raidho makes amazing speakers, but these had no bass and an out of control treble from a ribbon tweeter. Was it me? Did anyone else experience this room?

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    I didn’t have an opportunity to listen to these speakers but I was surprised at the number of bad sounding expensive systems at the show. It makes you wonder about your own ears sometimes as it’s hard to imagine how the folks who put together a room with such expensive equipment would arrive at the conclusion that it sounded good.

    There seems to be a trend in high end systems over the last several years to favor resolution and accuracy in speakers above all else (of course, we can say that’s always been around ;-)). Unfortunately, to many of these manufacturers, resolution translates to over-pronounced (forward) high frequency response and glare. I don’t find this approach musical at all and as you note, it is quite fatiguing to listen to.

    Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?

    Cheers, Joe

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    Agreed, like my experience with MQA… I don’t understand how anyone even pretending to be an audiophile could not be flummoxed by their policy of not doing A/B comparisons with even RedBook recordings, which to my ears have always sounded better at every demonstration I’ve attended (they wouldn’t do an A/B, but I convinced them to at least play me a full MQA encoded track on their hardware, followed by swapping out the MQA gear and using a regular CD player to play a completely different song, since they refused to play the same track on CD!), Is the wool being pulled over our ears? What are they up to?

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