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    I work in the SF Financial District.  I popped into a record store the other day I think y’all should know about.  It’s on Green Street, near Grant Avenue.   Down in the basement they have an ocean of records to look through.  Everything is $5.  I picked up a rare recording of Bill Hardman, who was a trumpet player that worked with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers off and on for years.  He’s a great be-bop player.   The sidemen on the recording were well-known, front line players.  The disk was in great shape and sounded like it was new.  This is a recording that is not available on digital.   If for no other reason, this is why we still maintain a good turntable.


    There’s a sister store around the corner on Grant which has higher priced records.  I picked a near mint copy of one of the Terry Gibbs Dream Band recordings there for $8.  This group consisted of the finest LA studio cats from 1959.  Conte Candoli, Al Porcino, Bill Holman, Med Florey, etc.  A great band.  $8 and pristine.

    Great gear is always helped by having great material to play through it.  Next time you’re in North Beach, check it out.

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    Eddie Bobcat


    Will check these places out next week when I’m in town.

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    This sounds like it’s worth a trip to The City to check it out.
    Is this the one? I didn’t see that you mentioned the name, and I’d want to confirm they were open before venturing in to The City.
    101 Music
    513 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133
    Phone: (415) 392-6369

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      101 Music has two storefronts.  One is on Grant Avenue and the other is the 513 Green Street address.  The Green Street shop is filled with misc audio crap on the ground floor and a basement with an ocean of records to dig through.  I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find some things you’ll want.  $5 each.

      The Grant Avenue shop is new and very good condition used records.  Prices between $10 and $20.  It’s also worth a visit.

      Have you done much tweaking of the CBT36s?


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    jeremy wagner

    Hey, since we’re recommending SF record shops, I’d like to put a word in for Rooky Ricardo’s in the lower Haight.  Excellent condition albums  — mostly classic rock, R&B, and blues.  I’ve picked up Allman Bros., Dave Mason, The Young Rascals, etc., that have blown me and my friends away at how good they sounded — for $5!  He’s also got a few rare discs in the shop that fetch a bit more.  Small place, but Dick has a great eye and a great selection.  The reviews on Yelp don’t lie…  and while you’re there, you can hit a few local record shops and the Amoeba Megastore.  It’s all good…

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