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    I didn’t see a way to create a new forum topic. Is that just my late night tired brain, or is it not possible now?
    I wanted to post a forum topic to try and gauge the interest in people in the Bay Area attending a Classic Album Sunday event, were The SFAS to host such an event?

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    David Snyder
    David Snyder

    I took a quick look and have not found an obvious way to add a new forum, nor have I (so far) worked out which forum plugin we’re using; looks a little like bbPress.  There’s probably a good reason why non-admin accounts do not permission to create new forums.  Often permissions are not sufficiently granular; for example, accounts with “create” access may have the ability to also remove forums, which could be problematic.  Been a while since I’ve done much with WordPress, so I’m not certain how things work now.  Hopefully Harry Mann will jump in here.

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    Let’s hope Harry works some magic and fixes this, yes!

    For now, Dan Rubin is running with it, and we recently had the inaugural event with David Gans and two Grateful Dead LP’s.

    More to come!


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    Jim Bird

    If anyone is interested I would be willing to host a Sunday morning Classical Music listening and brunch session. Maybe pick one or two albums to listen thru.


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