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    My name is  Trevor and I just moved here from Seattle.  I had a little group that got together monthly there to listen and I was glad to find this group when I moved.  Here is a link to the blog I started for my group in seattle:


    Anyway, I look forward to meeting some new people with this hobby.  I’m 34, and moved here with my wife Molika and our cat Moonshadow.  I am a physical therapist in the financial district.

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    Welcome to SFAS and thanks for sharing your blog link!

    Glad to hear you were able to organize listening sessions in Seattle. I’m sure you’ll meet many here in the Bay Area who share your passion for music and listening sessions. Although, with nine Bay Area counties stretching from the Wine Country to the north and Silicon Valley to the south, travel to events can sometimes be difficult. As I’m sure you’ve surmised, I’m a fan of Jazz (and to a lesser degree Classical and electronic music), but I’m always interested in expanding my musical tastes. I live in the South Bay and would be open to a listening session if you decide to host one in the future.

    Again, welcome to SFAS!

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    Larry Deniston
    Larry Deniston

    Hi Trevor,

    Welcome to the Bay Area!  I hope you’ll consider joining our club – it’s only $25 per year (http://sanfranciscoaudiophilesociety.com/membership/).  We hold monthly events and distribute a monthly newsletter (The Muse) and generally have a good time talking hi fi with like-minded folks and some not so like-minded.  🙂

    Funny that you’re from Seattle – my wife and i just returned from a road trip and were recently in Seattle today.

    Let me know if you’d like to be included in the newsletter distribution list.

    Best, Larry Deniston V.P. Membership Support



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    Hello Trevor,

    Welcome to the Bay Area.

    I hope by now you’ve met some members of our audiophile society.

    Our web site is undergoing an upgrade soon, but you can check out some of the highlights from the events we’ve hosted. We are always looking for new members, especially those who show an interest in participating actively in our audiophile society. You seem like just such a person.

    Hopefully you’ve replied positively to Larry’s request to be able to send you our newsletter, and you can maybe be convinced to become a contributor. We try and convince everyone to become a contributor as we all believe that our organization is better when more people participate.


    David Hicks

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