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    I use a MacBook as a music server, and the ‘Remote’ iphone app to select tracks and control the server from the couch. Now, the Remote app cannot find the itunes library on the server, nor on the back up server I substituted to try and diagnose the issue.

    It appears apple has quit supporting this app. Anyone else have this problem, or have any workarounds, please?  Thank you!


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    David Snyder
    David Snyder

    That’s horrible. Sorry to hear that.

    I personally like JRiver + JRemote for this sort of thing.

    Audirvana Plus is apparently very nice and probably sounds a bit better on OS X. There’s an A+ remote app to control it, but I’ve never tried it.

    I’d also have a look at roon if you’re interested and integrating TIDAL with your local music library.

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    I use Remote with Amarra and iTunes and have not had any issues. I’m  happy to try to help. Feel free to private message me.

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