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    Hey guys,

    I’d love to attend the event, but I live in San Francisco and don’t own a car. Is there anyone attending from SF who would appreciate some company along the way and someone to split the gas money with?


    – Dennis

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    Hi Dennis,

    I’ll be away for this event, but as we get closer and more people sign up, your odds of catching a ride seem destined to increase.

    What area of the City are you in?

    Also, if no ride from the City materializes, perhaps someone in the East Bay would consider picking you up from BART over here, if you were willing to swing over to this side of the Bay to catch a ride?

    It should be a fun and informative event!






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      Thank you, David!

      Somehow I didn’t get a notification about your reply, only just saw it.

      I live in the Outer Parkside area, on Taraval St.  CalTrain isn’t easy to get to and BART isn’t much better, and the East Bay seems like a major detour. Even directly by car it looks like at least a 90 min. ride each way. Ah, well. Maybe something will still come up.

      Thank you & have fun either way!

      – Dennis

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