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    Rob Morrell


    This is my first post here and I’m a little hampered by the fact my right hand and arm are not very helpful right now so please bare with me.

    After purchasing a Schiit Valhalla II headphone amp which I upgraded with some Siemens E188CC tubes to a remarkable effect. Once broken in it sounded better (More Musical) than my Auralic Tourus II and very close to my Krell KSA-5 although not up to the level of my Mal Valve IV. but at about $500 all in, amazing and I could listen to it everyday Musical and fun above all else.

    Being so impressed by the Valhalla, I wanted to try more. My partner had grown tired of me talking about it and ordered me a Freya so I ordered some Northern Electric 6SN7 tubes, I heard the stock units had issues. I just got the preamp today, installed the upgraded tubes and hooked it up. We are at about $1000 here all in, for a Tube preamp! New! It’s only been running for a couple hours so I can’t say too much but it’s very musical, punchy and detailed. I have it hooked up with all Balanced Transparent Audio Reference MM cables in and out, a Pangea 14SEV2 power cord into a Tice Music Block three and then a Torus 200 amp isolation transformer. It’s only hooked up to one thing right now my DCS Vivaldi DAC and running a Krell 402E into Transparent Reference speaker cables to Apogee Diva Ultimate’s. All I can say is wow, it sounds more musical and more fun than the Vivaldi direct, a bigger soundstage. Trumpets and Vilins have more bite. Not sure until it breaks in some what we are going to end up with but I can say it does not sound AR 5SE yet, but very close to that. Far better than the Vivaldi direct or with a AR LS15 in there. Bang for the buck? Massive! We will see after  few days but so far I am very impressed, Nichicon and Wima caps, resister ladder relay controlled volume, nice power supply, just Brilliant. Congratulations Schiit Audio, your Schiit smells lovely!

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    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for sharing your “schiity” experiences. 😉 I own several pieces of Schiit gear as well and can attest to their reasonable price and high value.

    BTW… welcome to SFAS!

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    Thanks Rob,

    I own the Schiit Lyr 2, for a small preamp, that is primarily designed as a headphone amp, its hybrid SS and tube supplies, makes this a product with high-value. It is versatile, as well as sounding great (esp. with upgraded tubes) and out-performs any other $500 unit by wide margins. I love Schiit!

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