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    Adventures with the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)
    Often, our spouses have a different view of our beautiful and amazing stereo systems. Whether it’s taking over living rooms with bulky gear with blinking lights, attaching strange things to the walls, putting ugly speakers 4 ft. away from those walls when there’s perfectly enough room to push them back… the list goes on. And it’s not just cosmetics that can raise their ire, as you’ll read below. The WAF stories amongst audiophiles can be painful and hilarious. Here’s mine, to start us off. We want to hear yours! The link below will take you to the forum where you can post a reply and/or your own stories. Here we go:
    I love Thanksgiving. On that day, a few years ago my wife prepared a beautiful, traditional meal including fresh roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy, etc. It took hours and we could have fed an army. After the meal, the fridge was packed with delicious leftovers which we enjoy for days afterwards. It’s our favorite holiday and we really stretch it out nicely.

    On holidays, I like to listen to my music and of course, this entails converting the living room into a Man-cave and doing whatever I can for the best sound – you know, positioning the speakers away from walls, moving the comfy chair into the sweetspot, turning off the phones, dimmers and the annoying forced air heating system, drawing the curtains, etc.

    So, about 24 hours after the feast, I went to the fridge to get the ingredients for my famous post-thanksgiving turkey sandwich… but something didn’t smell good in there. That’s right, can you say “Man-cave dismantling checklist?”

    Our space was an open plan design and the living room was adjacent to the kitchen. Someone (ahem) forgot to turn the noisy fridge back on before retiring for the night. My wife worked for hours preparing the meal and painstakingly organizing the leftovers, and Mr. Audiophile here ruins 3-4 days worth of great food and effort by forgetting to turn the temperature dial back to ON.

    I watched uncomfortably as she emptied the contents of a warm fridge into the trash. Ouch.

    OK, is your violation of the WAF code as bad? Please share your worst transgression – don’t leave me alone out here!

    President & Chief Troublemaker
    San Francisco Audiophile Society


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