• Retails for $60,000, will do $28,000 for SFAS members.

  • Stephane started the topic TD125 maintenance in the forum Help Needed 6 months ago

    Howdy – any member experienced enough with a voltmeter and soldering iron to help me adjust my TD125 speed voltages and bias, and perhaps change a few ageing capacitors? A good bottle of (French) wine or two for the kindred soul who will volunteer! Thanks.

  • These are great speakers, amazingly detailed yet very musical and CRAZY value. They mate beautifully with Dartzeel amplifiers … Not entirely crazy about their stands, very heavy cast iron, a little high for my seating position, and that leave cables hanging in the back from the speaker posts, but for the money you can’t have it all.

  • Hello! I had an HRX M3 that was very very good, if at a price. And a Ginko Cloud, good value for money and very effective if your TT suffers from say footsteps vibration, if not in the same realm sonically than the HRX. Hope that helps!

  • Howdy folks – I am offering for sale this dream amp, too much power, heat and space for my smallish living room. Excellent condition, fresh set of tubes. LMK if interested. Thanks! Stephane 510 778 0532

  • Stephane posted an update 6 months ago

    Looking for a kind gifted audiophile who could help me with adjusting speed / measuring voltages on my Thorens TD125 ? Thank you!!

  • Stephane posted an update 6 months ago

    VAC 450S iQ stereo amplifier for sale! Howdy, I have this amp available for sale, too much power and heat for my smallish living room. LMK if interested. Thanks !