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SFAS Logo BLUE BGIf you’re contemplating joining us, chances are you’ve experienced the emotional impact of hearing a well-recorded performance seemingly come to life right in front of you. It probably gave you goosebumps. Whether it was at a store, a show, or in your own home, the imprint left by music heard through a well-matched and correctly tuned high-performance audio system is indelible. We understand. We get so excited when a new component or tweak enhances our system and takes us that much closer to the original “live” event – and we love to share that experience with others who really get it.

If you’re still reading, it may be time for you to make some cool new audiophile friends who totally understand and support your quest for exquisite sound. As a member, you’ll meet fellow enthusiasts who are just as passionate about music and as interested in high-end audio gear as you are, maybe even more. We welcome you – whether your system is entry-level, or if you’ve spent more on your gear than (ahem!) on your car (which, by the way, seems totally logical to us).

Joining The San Francisco Audiophile Society is the antidote to any audiophile’s lonesome life. We’ll be there to cheer when you upgrade, and comfort you if your super-expensive and ancient vacuum tubes blow up.

Come, meet fellow audiophiles, some with decades of experience and some just embarking on their journey. Hear members’ systems that range from great-sounding, high-value gear at “modest”‘ investment levels, to spectacular, “cost no issue” reference audio systems that will leave you absolutely breathless.

Yes, it’s all here – the exceptionally beautiful music; the audio components that can bring those wonderful recordings to life; the new friends; the supportive community; and the great fun events that will fascinate, educate, and encourage your participation. There you have it – how could you possibly resist? Click the Select button above and join the fun.