KEF Muon Speaker Demo in Bay Area

The $145K KEF Muon “uber-speakers” will be demonstrated at Audio High in Mountain View this week. Times are 11AM-7PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Worth seeing/hearing IMO. BTW, we’ll be having […]

GerryG’s System

Vinyl Focused System Digital Source: * Denon DVD 3910 * Spectral 330 interconnect Analog Source: * Basis 2500 Signature * Graham Phantom / Two Wands * Koetsu Onyx Platinmum Signature […]

Event: Focus on Single-drivers

Our BAAS event this Saturday will focus on high-efficiency, single-driver speakers partnered with “flea-powered” amps. For those who have not had the pleasure of listening to these minimalist systems, ‘first […]

Say Goodbye to the ‘Audiophile’

Well, the CNET Blogs recently published yet-another article describing the extinction of the high fidelity audio industry (click here). In that article and its comments, many reasons for the imminent […]

Is SET superior? Prove it…

There’s an interesting dialog running on – and another provocative topic! Here’s an excerpt: Excuse me for sounding a little like a heritic [sic] but I figure that if […]

FrankC’s System

FrankC’s system: MAIN SYSTEM Digital Source: Mark Levinson #37 Sonic Frontier SFD2 Mk II (Amperex 6DJ8s) I2Digital DX-60 digital cable Synergistic Research Absolute Reference X2 XLR interconnect Analog Source: Michell […]

432 Hz Anyone?

Trivia question: Which famous leader imposed a law changing the “A” tone from 440 Hz to 432 Hz? Answer: The Nazi Joseph Goebbels. For more on this fascinating (and very […]

New Interconnect Design

Here’s what a single I/C looks like before termination: And here’s the back of my rack (L chan only): Two days late, but “April Fools”!

Help with High Rez Digital Playback

I’ve received several questions from members re: “What’s the best way to playback the Reference Recordings (RR) HRx material?” Or a related question: “How do I best make a music […]

RR HRx Discography

———- Note: BAAS members are the first to know some of this info! ———- Here is the list of the music we played at the demo (I think we left […]

DerrickY’s System

I am in the Oakland area and welcome interested visitors. Main listening system Amplification: Air Tight ATM-3 tube monoblocks modified by Tom Tutay for main speakers, 1960s Mullard El34s Onkyo […]

Describing What We Hear

We have all been in hundreds of discussions centering on a description of “what we heard” – usually to evaluate the quality of a given system, component, mix, or piece […]

WillC’s System

DIGITAL SOURCES Sony JA333ES Mini Disc Recorder Sony C555ES 5-disc SACD/CD player Pioneer PDR-w839 CD Recorder ANALOGUE SOURCES None PREAMP NAD C162 Stereo Preamp

WilliamT’s System

Digital Source: Abbingdon Music Research: CD-77 (pic) Analog Source: Raven One Turntable (pic) Tonearm: Dynavector: 507 MKII (pic)