Monster Cable vs Coat Hangers

If you haven’t seen the latest “audiophile cables are hype” saga, click here for the Engadget article (courtesy of RichardT). On a related note, RichardT (a BAAS member) shares the […]

ChrisK’s System

Digital Sources: Arcam DV137 HTPC (FLAC) – ditching this, tired of dealing with it Squeezebox Lavry DA10 DAC Analog Sources: Denon TU-660 AM/FM Tuner Yamaha turntable w/Grado cartridge & Rolls […]

DavidH’s System

DIGITAL SOURCES Oppo DV-970HD Universal Player Cambridge Audio Azur 840C Upsampling CD Player Sony SCD222ES SACD player – Modified by Oritech DAC Teac R-WD 250 CD Recorder Tivo Series […]

Craig & Christina E’s System

Digital: Denon DVM 4800 DVD Analog: SME Model 10A turntable with model 20/30 arm mounting plate Shelter 901 cartridge EAR 834P phono-preamp modified by Scott Frankland Tube Amps and Services […]

MiguelDF’s System

Sources: Linn Pekin Tuner Rotel DVD/CD RDV1040 C. E. C. CD Player TL51XR Integrated Amp Audiomat Opera Speakers Silverline Audio’s SR 17.5s

CraigS’s System

DIGITAL SOURCES @tunes SB+ Streaming Device (coming) ANALOG SOURCES Garrard 301 Turntable; Denon 103R; OL Silver Tonearm Marantz SLT 12U Turntable; Denon 103R PHONOSTAGE Decware ZP2 PREAMP Eastern Electric MiniMax […]

WimV’s System

Power Conditioning Belkin, PURE/AV PF60 Pre-amplifier/processor B&K Reference 50 with version 2.03 software Phono-Stages Musical Fidelity X-LPS Picolo, Hagerman MC preamp.

BobS’s System

Speakers: Thiel CS 3.7 Amplifier: Parasound JC-1 monoblocks. Preamplifier: None; DAC has gain control. CD: Lavry DA-10 DAC. Levinson 37 transport. Analog: None. Cables/Interconnects: Cardas Neutral Reference XLR interconnect between […]

DonD’s System

The main components are: DIGITAL SOURCES McIntosh MVP-861 CD/DVD all formats Player McIntosh MS-300 Music Server & CD Player RSQ MV-333 DVD-G Karaoke CD Player McIntosh MDA 1000 DA converter […]

JimG’s System

The main components are: DIGITAL SOURCES Apple G5, Apple RAID array file server in the basement for ITunes capable MACBook upstairs APL 3910 Universal player CDP ANALOG SOURCES None PREAMP […]

ToddM’s System

The main components are:DIGITAL SOURCES Sony S530D DVD Player (on its way out) Benchmark USB DAC1 (in the mail) My digital source is evolving and is likely headed to PC […]

Bob Walters’ System

The main components are: DIGITAL SOURCES Oppo DV-980H (for video only) SlimDevices Transporter (soon to be modded with clock/Class A out) Oritek DAC Pioneer DV-58AV w/EVS mods ANALOG SOURCES None […]

Posting Comments on This Site

To post comments on our site, you must: Be a BAAS member (click here to join); and Register for the site (click here to register) When you register, we will […]

Bybee/Nuforce/VTL event at Audible Arts

NOTE: Please post your discography as a comment to this post!We had a great event at Audible Arts yesterday.About 40 BAAS members enjoyed over 3 hours of great music/listening, several […]

Hello world! (New web site launched)

Welcome to the new BAAS website! Tune in frequently for updates on events, specials, equipment, etc. You can now reach me directly at: bob at Please contact me if […]