Von Schweikert Event/SFAS Launch

sfass july 19 2014 048

The day after Albert Von Schweikert presented his Mr. Wizard Show to an audience of SFAS members (fully-packed in Leslie’s newly renovated, expanded, and very cool listening room), he wrote to say:  “Thank you for organizing one of the nicest meetings I’ve ever spoken at!”  We’re honored to have had you here, Albert. You’re a true gentleman. Indeed, it was fun to watch Albert’s lighthearted style and infectious smile go viral throughout the room.

Assisted by his affable 21-year old grandson, Devon, Albert managed to keep our large group of savvy audiophiles entertained and fascinated by presenting his loudspeaker design theories (refined over many decades) in an interactive, visual and experiential way through the use of props that he created. His science experiments included allowing us to clearly hear the importance of time-alignment, cabinet construction, as well as the difference in sound between drivers made of different materials.

While we anticipate Jason’s full review of the event for Stereophile, I wanted to share a photo taken by Leslie, our Events Goddess herself, that says it all: Here Albert is awarding member Brian Wilson a copy of TAS’s beautiful book on high-end audio, signed by both himself and Robert Harley, for correctly answering one of Albert’s audio brain-teaser questions.

It was a great show and a truly wonderful launch for SFAS!



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