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Having returned from the big audio show in Newport, my mind is buzzing with excitement about where we could go with our group of dedicated Bay Area audiophiles.

In my conversations with manufacturers, dealers, reviewers and audiophile society presidents from all over the world, I realized once again that we have an amazing opportunity at hand. Yes, our events are fun and educational and interactive, and we’ll keep doing them– but aside from Audio Gear Smackdowns and blind comparisons, to keep the buzz going we will need to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and be some of the first to learn about new technology and innovative products (like the Van Alstine ABX box we recently acquired and will debut on the 14th).

For this, we need to work much more strongly with our local dealers. Dealers need us and we need them. I’m working towards the goal of having contact with every high-end dealer in the bay Area. Maybe you can help…

Help Request: Who’s your dealer? Please post the name and location of your favorite local high-end dealer and the person you deal with if possible. If you could help further by speaking with them about using their venue for visits by manufacturers, demonstrations, events, etc., that would be a good warm-up for my call with them.

Thanks in advance for your participation!



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    Tone of Music Audio – 1303 D Castro Street SF

    My favorite local audio store is Tone of Music Audio in San Francisco. This was formerly an in-home store and opened the new shop this year. Tim the owner is very friendly and gives good advice. New brands added recently: Line Magnetic and Devore.

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