Vinyl Outsells Digital Downloads: Washington Post


This still amazes me… and yes, we could rationalize that this is because of holiday shoppers wanting to give physical gifts, rather than a gift card for downloads, but still, it doesn’t look like the resurgence of the LP is a fad, after all: Screenshot 2016-12-08 09.16.30

This article actually states that this past week, vinyl sales have outpaced digital Downloads in the UK! Not CDs, which were already losing the fight and seemingly on their last breath… but digital downloads, as in all of iTunes, HD Tracks and every other music download provider out there combined. Someone pinch me, is this really happening?

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  1. One thing I don’t agree with that was stated in Fortune Magazine, is that “Albums were old school, filled with hisses and pops that digital music had erased,” Fortune reported in April. “But those flaws added a depth and warmth to the music that even people who once owned extensive album collections had forgotten after years of listening to digital music.”

    It’s not the “flaws [hisses and pops] that add depth and warmth to the music…” it’s the format that lets those aspects through!

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