A message from the President

By Alón Sagee

A message from the President
Greetings to all SFAS members,
My life has been a bit upside down these last few months. Forgive me for dropping off the face of the earth (and big cheers to our remarkable SFAS board of Directors who picked up the ball and have been doing a fantastic job keeping it all going in my absence.
I have spent many days in the hospital since my major ten pound spleen-removal surgery in March. Just having recovered from that first ordeal, last week a threesome of tiny clots were found in my brain which created three mild strokes. The last 10 days were really rough.
Humph…you would think that with this recent three-stroke handicap, I’d  be a much better golfer… but I don’t golf much, so I’ll probably never know if I could have gone PRO! C’est la Vie…  the good news is that I’m healing fast. in the hospital a few days ago, I began walking hallway laps without a walker or a nurse. That felt good.
On the challenging side, my old cardigan sweater seems to have morphed into a woolly evil puzzle with at least 17 moving parts that suddenly won’t talk to each other. It took 15 minutes to put it on. Nonetheless, I expect more rapid healing . I spent yesterday in a special rehab center in Oakland called Alta Bates, which is apparently famous for its success with “strokers.”
Ok, I’m getting a bit tired, but one last thing…  Dear God: seriously, enough already!
iIn gratitude for being alive,

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