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Our organization was originally founded in 1995 as the Bay Area Audiophile Society. For over 20 years, we have been a home for local audio and music aficionados from many walks of life. The common denominator for all our gatherings is the unabashed enjoyment of our shared hobby. Our driving philosophy is that if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right!

Our society’s (still growing) leadership team is made up of passionate, music-loving audiophiles. Each one generously volunteering their time, expertise and creative efforts to share the thrilling experience of high-end audio with anyone ready to listen.

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At our events, hosted either at a member’s home or a local dealer, we enjoy evaluating high-end audio components and discerning whether they can take us even a nanometer closer to the ultimate audiophile goal: the experience of “live” music being believably recreated in our homes. It is with this lofty aspiration that we gather regularly to learn, compare, and share war stories of our never-ending quest. In contrast, we also like to shmooze, laugh, eat, and of course, let it all go and just listen to great music being played on superb systems. Often, attendees will bring in a few of their most loved recordings and introduce the group to brilliant and inspiring performances. Our members appreciate this as a great way to get exposed to music they have not yet heard and add these new gems to their collections.

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Group Outings

Our group outings have included tours of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab; Dolby Labs; Silverline; VMPS; and Fantasy Records. We’ve had presentations and demonstrations by industry luminaries such as Steve Hoffman; Paul McGowan; “Doc” Johnson; Mark Waldrep; Alon Wolf; and Albert Von Schweikert. We’ve also held product demos of high-end gear such as Magico and Coincident speakers; Theta, Lightspeed and Berkeley Audio DACs; and Goldmund, Parasound and deHavilland amplifiers – to name but a few. Our Smackdown series of audio gear shoot-outs are lots of fun and involve members bringing their own gear to the event to be “assessed” by our highly opinionated members.

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On occasion, we facilitate “Sys-hops,” where, on a given day, members can visit other members’ homes, audition their system, and when ready, “hop” on to the next one to experience another. These moving audiophile open-houses offer us the rare opportunity to hear a few different systems in a day, each finely-tuned by their proud owner.

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society