Album Picks

Moby – Reprise

Sep 21, 2021



David’s Music Pick- October 2021



If your middle name was Melville,

Jul 28, 2021

Grant Stoner’s Pick

My album pick for this month is Bill Bruford’s ” One of a Kind” Polydor records 1979 vinyl.

One of the forgotten but best fusion albums of the 70s,

Album Picks by Phil Lewenthal

Jul 26, 2021

Laurie Anderson – Big Science

From 1982 but very much for the present. Dense and dark lyrically but melodic and musically charming. Sounds half electronic half organic.

Oregon, “Crossing” ECM 1985 vinyl, by Grant Stoner

Mar 07, 2021

Since I live in Oregon now, I thought it apropos to review an album by one of my favorite groups, Oregon. Oregon ” Crossing” ECM 1985 vinyl.

Phil Lewenthal’s Menagerie of Music Picks

Mar 07, 2021

Here are a few musical suggestions in different genres that I’ve greatly enjoyed. I hope you do too!

Total Freedom by Kathleen Edwards
Just a knockout,

Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, “Hot Tuna Performance”, by Gregory Morgan

Mar 07, 2021

This month my music selection is a bit different from previous months.  In my area, this month has been filled with smoke and furiously hot days so my listening days have been more limited than usual (It’s amazing how much a tube amplifier heats up a room). 

Baden Powell, “Solitude on Guitar”, by Alón Sagee

Mar 07, 2021

Brazilian Baden Powell is one of the finest guitarists the world has ever known… but someone forgot to tell America! He’s released about 30 albums in his career and so far,

Adult Cinema, “Teaser Trailer”, by David Hicks

Mar 07, 2021

When I first listened to this (2016) album I heard shades of, Procol Harum, Elton John, The Who, early Pink Floyd, and other classic and Prog rock influences. 

Jerry Lee Lewis and the Nashville Teens, “Live At The Star-Club Hamburg”, by Gregory Morgan

Mar 07, 2021

My Album of the month is the classic Jerry Lee Lewis and the Nashville Teens album ‘Live At The Star-Club Hamburg’, reissued by Bear Family Records. 

Spirit, “Spirit”, by David Hicks

Mar 07, 2021

Every couple of years the thought pops into my head that I needed to hear the song, “Fresh Garbage”.  Spirit lead off side one of their eponymous debut album with this 190-second track,