Grant Stoner’s Pick
My album pick for this month is Bill Bruford’s ” One of a Kind” Polydor records 1979 vinyl.
One of the forgotten but best fusion albums of the 70s, ” One of a Kind” is a masterpiece. An all-star lineup of ex-King Crimson and Yes drummer Bill Bruford on drums, the late great Allan Holdsworth on guitar, Dave Stewart on keyboards, and Jeff Berlin on bass assures absolute virtuosity defined by the genre.
Fast rockers like ” Five G” and ” Hells Bells” mix with melodic excursions like ” Travels with Myself and Someone else”. The sound quality is quite good as well. Leaning slightly towards dry, the sound is defined and clear, far better than the early Mahavishnu and Return to Forever albums, tho I love those too. Some tube amplification would warm and fatten it up a bit.
Funny side note. In the mid-80s I had this album on cassette. As I drove across the country, moving from New York to California, the song ” Hells Bells” came on. I glanced at my odometer, and it just turned 66,666 miles. Go figure. Cheers.
San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society