Atomic Rooster, “In Hearing of Atomic Rooster, by Grant Stoner


My album pic for this month is In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster by the British rock band Atomic Rooster, Elektra records 1971, vinyl.  Now that I have a new phono preamp (review forthcoming), my old rock albums suddenly sound great. I pulled out this Atomic Rooster album my drummer in high school turned me on to. I’ve never met anyone else who has ever even heard of them. It features John Cann on guitar, Pete French vocals, Paul Hammond drums, and Vincent Crane on organ, piano and vocals.

“In Hearing Of” is pure pure old school organ based rock along the lines of Argent, Deep Purple etc. but not quite like any of them. Songs like “Head in the Sky” and “A Spoonful of Bromide Helps the Pulse Rate Go Down” are very driving and Propulsive. Others like “Black Snake” are haunting and atmospheric. It’s kind of a concept album with self reflection being a central theme.

The album is well recorded with all instruments in a wide soundstage, guitar and organ panned to the sides and drums spreading throughout. Drummer Paul Hammond is really fantastic, possibly one of the best of the era. Note the cover painted by Roger Dean of Yes game but not his typical style. Overall a great record if u can find a copy!

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society