Blossom Dearie, “Blossom Dearie”, by David Hicks


Vocalist, composer, and tickler of the ivories, Blossom Dearie’s playfully girlish voice is sometimes described as an acquired taste.  If that’s true, I think it’s because her masterful phrasing might get lost behind the subtlety of her vocal delivery- but not if you’re actually listening.  She was described as being physically petite, and her singing compliments her playful piano style with an intimacy that puts the listener not just in the room with her during the performance but next to her on the piano bench.

Blossom Dearie (April 28, 1924-February 7, 2009) recorded over 30 albums during her career, but this 1957 release on the Verve label, (re-released earlier this year on the Vinyl Me, Please, label) is a good place to start if you need an introduction to her music.  Miss Dearie plays piano on all tracks and is accompanies by Ray Brown on bass; Herb Ellis on guitar; and Jo Jones on drums.

Available to stream in Hi-Rez from Qobuz:

And you can also stream the entire LP on YouTube:

Also, worth checking out is her live album, Blossom Time at Ronnie Scott’s. A word of note about the live LP, Miss Dearie sings songs from an earlier age, from a time before hashtags and social media.  On her live LP, she even makes a rape joke.  That’s something you could edit out of your digital copy.

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