Chester and Lester by Grant Stoner


So yes I may have mentioned my dislike for country music, but you may not understand. It’s not the music I dislike but the singing. So my album pic for this month is the primarily instrumental country flavored album Chester and Lester RCA records 1976 vinyl.

It features Chet Atkins and Les Paul tearing it up in a relaxed seemingly spontaneous recording session. The interplay between them is amazing. They left in some in between banter which makes it feel more off the cuff. The material ranges from a cover of Ellington ‘s “ Caravan” to some more standard country fair.

The sound is epic though. The amps sound like they are your speakers, a sparkling clean sound emanating from them almost like the band is in your room. The rest of the band is a little more laid back but still well recorded.

I’ve always liked Les and Chet but hearing them together is really something special.. a great record… even though it’s kinda country.  😎

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society