Chet Baker Quartet, “No Problem”, by Kevin Olson

My music pick is this great album featuring Chet Baker.

Chet Baker Quartet  No Problem

This is Chet in Europe in 1979 just off a European tour with his trio. He is again playing with Niels-Henning Orsted Pederson. A great bass player that drives the rhythm on this album. The pianist, Duke Jordan, is forthright in his playing. He can carry the melody or place a colorful flourish just so.

The drummer, Norman Fearrington,  is the youngster here but is very competent. The drum and cymbal work he adds is neither intrusive or subordinate.

I bought the CD in Sweden in 1995. Chet Bakers’ albums were difficult to find in the US at that time. Maybe 4 albums were available. The store in Sweden had 14 different albums. I picked up what I could.

I was delighted when I saw this on vinyl a few months ago. I think it was on Acoustic Sounds. It is on a 180-gram disk and it sounds fantastic.

I am a big enough fan that I named one of my cats, Chet.

If you too dig Chet, check this one out.


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