Darius Rucker, “wagon wheel”, by Alon Sagee


There’s an entire genre of music that, up to recently, I would summarily avoid, especially as an audiophile. No, it’s not Oompah bands, Polka, or Yodeling… It’s Country. I used to hate it. All those hard luck stories about the singer’s hound dog dying or drinking his way through a recent break up… I just couldn’t stand it. Then something awful happened: My wife, who never had this prejudice, played some of her favorite country tunes and opened my mind and ears to take another listen.

Recently, I heard a Bob Dylan cover song done in pure unapologetic Country style by Darius Rucker. It may very well be catchiest tune I’ve ever heard. It’s simplicity and upbeat pace has fiddles a-fly’n, guitars a-twanging, and the singer belting out a song that’s hard to get out of your mind once it claims a little corner of your grey matter.

It’s actually a smile-inducing almost happy tune that was recorded well. Give a listen if you dare..


San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society