David’s August Music Pick- Kenney Chesney – Be As You Are


Kenny Chesney

Be As You Are


Kenney Chesney had the top-grossing country music tour of the year with his 2007 “Flip-Flop Summer Tour.”  Flip-Flop refers to just what you’d wear on your feet while walking on a beach.  It turns out Kenney has a fondness for the Caribbean and has a home on St. John (wiped out by Hurricane Irma) and loves sailing around the Islands and incorporating that into his “country music” songs.  That’s how I first heard his music one morning at 10 am when I was drinking a Pain Killer at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke.  His CD, Be As You Are was playing on the boom box behind the bar.  I asked the bartender,  “who was playing?”, and she handed me the CD cover with his name on it and said, “that’s the Blue Chair he’s singing about”, while she pointed at an old blue chair sitting at the edge of the sand next to the ocean that was lapping the beach.


What is Country Music?  When I looked at my country music albums on Roon I saw they were divided up at first into five different categories, or genres.  Country; Pre-War Country Blues; Country Gospel; Truck Driving Country; Country-Folk, and then when I looked further at the specifics for my albums things were divided into a further 27 separate subcategories, and that didn’t even include John Denver, who described his music as “Western Music” rather than Country, although the song “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” is certainly country enough.


Give the country music album of Kenney Chesney’s a listen.  The tropical flair he adds to country music might just make it worth paying double time to listen to. 😉


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