Enoch Light and the Light Brigade – “Dimension 3”, by Grant Stoner


My music pic for the month is Dimension 3 by Enoch Light and the Light Brigade, Command Records, 1964, vinyl.  This LP features, and I quote, “An Astonishing New Achievement in Stereo Recording, The Incredible Miracle of “3-Speaker Presence”,”.  As audiophiles we are used to such things, but maybe back in ’64?  The music is pure cocktail, lounge.  It has Instrumental renditions of standards such as “All I do is Dream of You”, “Love and Marriage” and “It’s only a Paper Moon”.  Featuring lots of bongos, percussion, organs and brass, some nice jazz guitar etc., the performance is quite tight and pleasing.

But does the sound live up to the hype?  Well, Yes!  It’s really a masterful recording.  Every instrument has a punchy percussive quality rarely heard.  Excellent stereo spread and front to back imaging make it a great test record.  It goes really well with martinis as well.  Actually, all the albums on the “Command” label are like this.  All fantastic.  Leslie and I each have a growing collection of them.  Available at estate sales and thrift stores everywhere!

Also notable labels in the same genre with nearly as excellent sound include Stereo Fidelity records, and the “Phase 4 Stereo” series from London Records.  Cheers!

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San Francisco Audiophile Society