Max Richter, “From Sleep”, by Kevin Olson

The nights are still long. This is a perfect time to listen to the CD or vinyl album From Sleep by Max Richter. From Sleep is about 60 minutes of music from the composers recording of Sleep which is 8 hours in length. Richter really enjoys sleeping and consulted a Neuroscientist  when composing Sleep. This is an 8 hour lullaby. I am recommending the 1 hour version here. I believe you will stay awake and enjoy it.
I hope you are not yawning yet. The short version I am reviewing is remarkably relaxing and a good album to end your listening for the day.  The music is calm, slow, mellow and composed for piano, cello, two violas, two violins, organ, soprano vocals, synthesizers and electronics.
The entire 8 hour composition was performed live in London. The concert began at midnight and lasted until 8 am. Instead of chairs, audience members were given beds to sleep in! This set world records for longest single piece of music and longest composition broadcast on radio (BBC).
I will not suggest you play this when the in-laws won’t leave, but it does set a mood.
The album is available for streaming or you can buy the CD or double LP. Also available is the full 8+ hour version on CD with additional blu-ray disk.
Check it out!
San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society