Nightfall, “Little Big Town”, by David Hicks


I find Little Big Town to be kind of a folksy name for a musical group. Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook formed the quartet twenty years ago and in equitable fashion they all take turns singing lead vocal at various times on various tracks and in addition they always harmonize well together. And, though they’ve had other number one albums in the past (Nightfall debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart) Nightfall feels like a pinnacle album with their performing together taking on the familiarity and ease of old grandmaster bedmates who happen to still be in their prime.

If you, as a listener, happen to be adverse to country music, let me just say that, though Little Big Town peaks most highly on the Country charts, their music, like much of country music these days, crosses over with pop and acoustic influences, so that for many of the tracks, if you didn’t know you were listening to a country music song, you might find yourself enjoying their music.

With Hollywood good looks, it would be easy to dismiss the quartet as just another group of pretty faces, if you were to pick up Nightfall’s album and look at the cover. There’s very little information about the members contained on the outside or the inside- but perhaps they imagine you know all about them by the time you’ve picked up their ninth LP?  Credits do appear on the record sleeves, and, though they do perform compositions written by others, Karen Fairchild’s hand is featured on a majority of the tracks on this LP. You can check out the lyrics if you listen through Roon, or just listen to the lyrics while you’re listening to the songs. If you’ve had a mother or a wife or sister or a daughter, or you are a woman, you might find the lyrics to “Sugarcoat”, or “The Daughters” relevant.

Capitol: The Reason Why (2010), Tornado (2012), Pain Killer (2014), The Breaker (2017), and Nightfall (2020)

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