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The Beatles Get “BlueBeaten”

Nov 19, 2009

The intrepid entrepreneur behind the BlueBeat web site just lost his court case.

[The web site is down at the time of writing.]

You see,

Yet Another Stunning ‘Blue Coast Session’

Jul 29, 2009

Check out the recordings from this great session here. More on Jenna here, and Matt here.

Audiophile Jazz Prologue Vol 3

Jan 25, 2009

Many of you enjoyed a 24/192 cut – “Lush Life” – that I used to demonstrate ultra-high-resolution at yesterday’s event.

The CD/DVD containing that track is now available in limited quantity from Kent Poon’s web site (click here).

Van Halen “Like a Dog”

Jan 07, 2009

Member Stephan S pointed this article out to me.

It’s an interesting read about EVH, his new “signature” guitar, and the rock guitar industry in general.

Vinyl Acendant?

Jun 11, 2008

CNN reports that even as CD sales fade, sales of LP’s are on the rise:

According to the Recording Industry Association of America,