Album Picks

Blossom Dearie, “Blossom Dearie”, by David Hicks

Aug 27, 2019

Vocalist, composer, and tickler of the ivories, Blossom Dearie’s playfully girlish voice is sometimes described as an acquired taste.  If that’s true, I think it’s because her masterful phrasing might get lost behind the subtlety of her vocal delivery- but not if you’re actually listening.  

Racer X, “Extreme Live”, by Grant Stoner

Aug 25, 2019

Lest you all think I’m some ECM jazz snob, here is my album pic for this month, Racer X, Extreme Volume Live

David’s August Music Pick- Kenney Chesney – Be As You Are

Aug 01, 2019

Kenny Chesney

Be As You Are


Kenney Chesney had the top-grossing country music tour of the year with his 2007 “Flip-Flop Summer Tour.”  Flip-Flop refers to just what you’d wear on your feet while walking on a beach.  

David’s July Music Pick: Jeff Sanford’s Jazz Orchestra, Nothing Wrong. The Music of Lenny Carlson

Jun 28, 2019

Jeff Sanford’s Jazz Orchestra

Nothing Wrong

The Music of Lenny Carlson

This CD’s happy brilliance is the result of a group of local world-class musicians who play together regularly and who have bribed,

The Vinyl Detective, by David Hicks

May 31, 2019

This is the first of four books in The Vinyl Detective series, and as it’s the only one in the series I’ve read, it is my “music pick” for this month’s Muse. “Written in Dead Wax” may be a recommendation that would interest you if you like mystery stories in general, or cats (?), but particularly if you like vinyl records and stories about the birth of Jazz and the music industry, albeit with some literary license applied to the tale.  And there are actual references to recordings that you could listen to while reading this novel. Hence, I think this qualifies as a music pick, sort of. 

Hugh Masekela, “Hope”, by Alon Sagee

May 28, 2019

Hope is a 1994 live album by South African jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela. Although it’s over 20 years old, it’s a great introduction to the powerful, soulful and poignant genre of South African music. It is re-issued by Analogue Productions and available as a heavy weight 200g 2 X 45rpm vinyl pressing by Quality Records. It’s a classic.

Jack DeJohnette – “Rypdal, Vitous, DeJohnette” by Grant Stoner

May 16, 2019


My album pick for this month is untitled with just the musician’s names. Jack DeJohnette, Miroslav Vitous and Terje Rypdal ECM records 1979 vinyl. 

David’s- May album Pick

May 01, 2019

David’s Pick

For The Throne

Are you having any anxiety about the way things will turn out when the end of Season 8 of GoT rolls around in a few weeks?

Luluc, “Dear Hamilton” by Dennis

Apr 14, 2019

My favorite part of the newsletter is the music recommendation section. Numerous lovely suggestions have been made, and I would like to contribute.

Essentially my only noteworthy music discovery via Qobuz,

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, “Like Someone in Love”, by Larry Deniston

Mar 31, 2019

My pick this month is Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers’ Like Someone in Love, Blue Note vinyl ST 84245 (thanks Bruce!).