Album Picks

August, 2018 Album Picks

Sep 24, 2018

Alón’s Pick

Patricia Barber, Modern Cool

Probably my favorite album by a living female vocalist.  Putting Patricia Barber in that genre is only for convenience,

July, 2018 Album Picks

Sep 24, 2018

Alón’s Pick

Greensleeves, by the Shoji Yokouchi Trio. Three Blind Mice/Impex reissue

In my earliest years as an audiophile, I was thrilled by a record label whose recordings I found to be my highest reference —

June, 2018 Album Picks

Sep 24, 2018

Grant’s Pick

My music pic for this month is Shelly Manne and His Friends, My Fair LadyContemporary records 1956 vinyl mono.

May, 2018 Album Picks

Sep 24, 2018

Grant’s Pick

Lest you all think I’m some sort of jazz, prof rock snob.. I present to you this month’s music pick,

April 2018 Album Picks

Sep 20, 2018

My album pick for this month is the self-titled  Nadja Salerno- Sonnenberg, Sergio and  Odair Assad ( Classical Violin & Guitar Selections).  Nonesuch Records 1999 on CD.  It consists of two guitars and one violin playing incredibly virtuosic, passionate music.

March, 2018 Album Picks

Sep 17, 2018

Alon’s Pick

One of my favorite jazz albums of all time. Nothing fancy, just a great, straight-ahead toe-tapping jam, recorded beautifully at a live session with a very interactive audience.

February, 2018 Album Picks

Sep 16, 2018

Larry’s Pick

In keeping with the blues theme again this month my music pick is one of my favorite blues players, Buddy Guy.  Buddy’s been on the blues scene for decades including playing on last month’s Muddy Waters Folk Singer pick.  

January, 2018 Album Picks

Sep 15, 2018

Larry’s Pick

Ready for some post-holiday blues?  Don’t let the title of this album fool you, this ain’t no folk music, this is Muddy Waters playing the blues pure and simple. 

Sophia Pfister: Birdcage, by David Hicks

Aug 06, 2018

Sophia Pfister




Sophia Pfister: model, painter, poet, composer, musician, singer,

David’s Analogology: Recommended LP

Dec 01, 2016

David Hicks’s Analog Record Review (full):

I was originally going to recommend one of my latest acquisitions, a Ralph Towner LP that I picked up over Thanksgiving week at a used record store in Ft Bragg.