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Jul 20, 2016

In case you missed the last newsletter, I started a monthly column with music selections from our leadership team. The idea was to start a conversation between us all where we can share our favorite music.

OK, I’m hooked…on Black Dub

Feb 17, 2011

Black Dub is a relatively new musical collaboration brought together by accomplished producer Daniel Lanois (think Joshua Tree). The result is a Simply Red-esque powerhouse of New Orleans soul,

Silverman’s Mastery of Beethoven Continues

Sep 23, 2010

– Guest Post by Ori Mizrahi-Shalom –

A week after the first solo concert, Robert Silverman played the second evening of Beethoven sonatas.

Silverman Masterful in Audio High Concert Series

Sep 14, 2010

— Guest Post by Ori Mizrahi-Shalom —

Background.  Many of us know pianist Robert Silverman through the Stereophile CD projects. In those,

Colors of Noise: Visualizing Electronica

Apr 28, 2010

Beautiful, evocative, and trippy, this vid takes you on an entertaining journey rendered by two German artists.

If you can’t take electronica,

Keith Richard’s Exile

Apr 25, 2010

An engaging Guardian article provides the backstory on the Stones masterpiece – “Exile on Main Street.”

The self-imposed exile to France,

Brian Eno on Music and Whale Blubber

Jan 17, 2010

Today’s Guardian has a very interesting interview with Brian Eno.

The far-ranging discussion presents some novel views on music and its relation to our commercial and cultural worlds.

The Beatles Get “BlueBeaten”

Nov 19, 2009

The intrepid entrepreneur behind the BlueBeat web site just lost his court case.

[The web site is down at the time of writing.]

You see,

Yet Another Stunning ‘Blue Coast Session’

Jul 29, 2009

Check out the recordings from this great session here. More on Jenna here, and Matt here.

Audiophile Jazz Prologue Vol 3

Jan 25, 2009

Many of you enjoyed a 24/192 cut – “Lush Life” – that I used to demonstrate ultra-high-resolution at yesterday’s event.

The CD/DVD containing that track is now available in limited quantity from Kent Poon’s web site (click here).