Phil Lewenthal’s Menagerie of Music Picks


Here are a few musical suggestions in different genres that I’ve greatly enjoyed. I hope you do too!

Total Freedom by Kathleen Edwards
Just a knockout, eight years after she retired to start Quitters Coffee in Ottawa, singer-songwriter Edwards returns for a middle-age reflection with grace and guts. Simple straightforward production. Not audiophile quality but clean.
Not on Qobuz, alas.
Video of Edwards as she performs the album live from her cafe:

RTJ4 by Run the Jewels.
Intense protest hip-hop. Takes no prisoners – “Look at all these slave masters posin’ on your dollars”. Explicit.
Dense, can your system unravel it? – Hi Rez 48k -MQA
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Romantic Love by Houston Person / Ron Carter
Holy #$%&! I thought a giant saxophone had strolled into my room, and then a giant bass met it and they danced the night away to standards. You won’t miss the drums. Placed left and right, they aren’t pinned to the speakers. Turn it up and let it rock or turn it down and let it soothe.

Roir Dub sessions by Bill Laswell
Space and bass. Electro-atmospheric dub sessions almost feel real. This album pulls from his four dub sessions for the ROIR label. This will let you know if your woofers have any bite.
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