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In case you missed the last newsletter, I started a monthly column with music selections from our leadership team. The idea was to start a conversation between us all where we can share our favorite music. I’ll add each month’s picks to the MUSIC forum, and encourage¬†SFAS members to comment on the selections after auditioning them, and also to respond in kind by posting their own recommendations.

rtI’d like to thank our first member to post his own pick, Steven Dunphy! He chose¬†one of my favorite artists, Richard Thompson… but an album that I hadn’t yet heard, and as I write this, I have it playing on Tidal!

That’s the idea. Please go to the MUSIC forum, comment on what’s there and add your own recommendation!

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  1. I just heard this on vinyl yesterday. RT is one of my favorite singer/songwriters and his Acoustic is a great demo disc. I was bummed that I missed his show at the Freight & Salvage on the 15th of this month- because it sold out in pre sale!

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