Sasha Cooke, “If You Love for Beauty”, by Kevin Olson


This classical recording on Yarlung Records of Sasha Cooke singing Leider is beautiful. Lovely. Captivating.

Now Leider isn’t for everyone. I sometimes find it too stylized. This is much more approachable in my opinion. The singer and orchestra seduce you. I suppose the conductor should get credit too.

The music is by John Adams, Gustav Mahler and George Frideric Handel.

The recording and mastering really capture the sound and transparency of the master tape. The mastering was done by Steve Hoffman and Bob Attiya. The 45 rpm mastering was handled by Bernie Grundman.

Recorded to analog tape using vacuum tube mics if I read correctly.  Yes, this is a single disc at 45 rpm. They do not list track timings. I’m just tempted to play it again. And again!

Kevin says check it out.

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society