Strunz and Farah, “Misterio”, by Alón Sagee

I am a big fan of guitar duo Strunz and Farah. One of my reference treasures is their album Misterio, an LP I’ve had for many years and can’t tire of. Unlike their more commercial releases, this LP was produced by one of the best audiophile labels the world has ever known: Water Lily Acoustics. The recording is phenomenal, one of the best I know of. Founder Kavi Alexander used the shortest, all-tube, analog recording chain possible and the results are stunning! The last track Barampo, is an audiophile’s dream –– a spacious, long and almost eerie composition with native instruments in what seems like a jungle setting. This cut allows you to hear what your system can really do with imaging, soundstage, and solid placement of instruments. On a superb system, the inner detail captured in this recording reveal that there are actual living, breathing musicians playing the instrument!
The LP is rare, but I checked and if you don’t mind spending $150 for a sealed copy, in my opinion it would be worth it.
This won’t come close to doing it justice, but here it is ––
San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society