“Telemann Tafelmusik”, by Grant Stoner


My album pick for this month is Telemann Tafelmusik, EMI, Harmonia Mundi, 1977 vinyl (Quadrophonic) LC 0761.  Telemann is one of my favorite composers, light but intricately primarily small orchestra or chamber music.  This album features a small German orchestra.  The interesting things is it’s performed on very period correct instruments all made from 1600 to 1800.

The sound is absolutely fantastic…one of the best classical recordings I have with a perfect air around all the instruments and nice natural reverb, I assume it was recorded in a cathedral.  With the liner notes mostly in German, I can’t tell.  But the added bonus is that my particular pressing is in pristine condition, not a click or pop anywhere.  The sound emerges from the dark background, like a stag emerging from the Black Forest.

A great record, worth the search if you can find a copy.

San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society