Van Goat, “Follow Me Under”, by David Hicks

If you’d like to take a break from your morning coffee and still get a turbo boost of energy when you wake up, you couldn’t do better than put on this LP from Oakland’s, Van Goat.  Their music is described as a mix of Punk, Surf, Ragtime, and Swing, but this is swing music on steroids that will have you on your feet and moving to the groove as you get sucked into the vortex of their high energy vocals backed by Aidan Ward on guitar and clarinet; Lindsay Alexis on trombone; Ben Einstein on keyboard and pineapple!; Derek Burle on Bass; and Taylor Moxon on drums.

2018’s Follow Me Under is their first full-length LP, available on CD and vinyl at various Bay Area record stores or directly from the band’s website (  Mixed by John Smart and mastered by Piper Payne, these 15 songs sound great on vinyl and the album artwork by Cody Blocker is trippy enough to display in your home, as long as you don’t have small children who are prone to mummy nightmares.

I haven’t seen their music on Qobuz yet, but you can check out their music on YouTube, or directly from the band’s website. This album is fun to listen to!


San Francisco Audiophile Society

San Francisco Audiophile Society