Alón’s new toy: UberLight Flex

I turn 61 this month and my eyes seem to need more light than ever to do their job well.  I’ve always been a warm glow incandescent lighting kinda guy, so when I’m just needing to find a record’s lead-in groove in my dim listening room I can use the warmest color-temperature setting and lowest light intensity setting. But when I’m fiddling with a cartridge set-up or cleaning a stylus, or trying to read the small words on the back of a component, Kick it all up to maximum and wow, what a joy to be able to see everything again!
So, I’ll just say it: This robust and beautifully designed task lamp is the best lighting I’ve used in my set-up, regardless of price. 
If you’ve shopped for high-end lighting for your rig, you know it can get quite pricey. At $49 with free shipping, this versatile lamp is a no-brainer.
Here are some highlights of my experience with the UberLight Flex:
~Sturdy, but gracefully flexible gooseneck. Stays where you want it.
~Tall turntable dust cover clearance.
~3 versions: clamp, base, and unmounted for custom applications.
~The clamp is streamlined and elegant. feels solid despite its small footprint and allows clamping to the thick top shelf that my turntable sits on without getting in the way of my cables.

~The settings are easy to access from two unassuming in-line buttons on the front end of the light module, one that cycles through the 3 tiers of light intensity, the other for 3 different color temperatures.
Since this light uses LEDs, there’s no low buzz usually associated with incandescent dimmers. It’s dead quiet at any setting. Another bonus is the the smooth silicone wrap of the gooseneck is very quiet when repositioning it and designed to be non-resonant.
Find it on Amazon here: Click

Or get it direct from the company: Click

Here’s what it looks like. And for reference, see a photo of my old DIY turntable lamp…

OK, I’m kidding – but really, it was time to get a new one and the UberLight was a great choice!    

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