Alón’s Video Vault: Pre-cursor to Hamilton


Not having a TV, sometimes I’m a bit late in locking in on something big happening in our culture. This time it was the Broadway phenomenon Hamilton, a musical which seems to have broken every record there was to break and then some. After a little research, I found the genius who created it performing a pre-cursor to the show at the White House back in ‘09. This is amazing, even for those who don’t care much for Hip-Hop.Screenshot 2016-06-10 15.38.17

Click the photo to see this astounding display of talent and inspiration. Now if anyone wants to spend $1500 per ticket plus a flight to NYC, we can make this our next SFAS Field Trip! OK, I’m kidding, but it is tempting.

If anyone has seen this musical on Broadway, please leave a comment and tell us about your experience!



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