Boulder 1008, by Larry Deniston

Mar 29, 2020

My relatively new toy is a Boulder 1008 phono preamp.  It's a solid state unit with two balanced inputs and two balanced outputs.  I've installed an XLR junction box on my turntable to facilitate the use of balanced interconnects from the turntable to the phono preamp.  The Boulder comes with a pair of RCA to XLR adapters which I'm using with my second turntable.  The Boulder is dead quiet, tonally beautiful and dynamic.  I'm enjoying it everyday! Let us know if you have a new piece of gear you'd like to share with us.

Balanced Power, by Larry Deniston

Mar 29, 2020

Balanced Transformers for Power Conditioning There are many ways to address the quality of power feeding our equipment.  One of our members, Fred S., brought up the idea of balanced power as a solution for cleaning up power.  This was a new concept to me, but the more I looked into it, the more sense it made.  The following is an excerpt from Toroid Transformers: Balanced Power Transformers are designed with a center-tapped secondary winding which consists of two identical, mirrored secondary windings in series and an electrostatic shield. When the center tap is grounded, these two identical windings short…

Grant Stoner Musings

Mar 26, 2020

Well there’s nothing good about the Corona virus, so let’s make something up to cheer us up a bit.  The one good thing for audiophiles is it’s “forcing us” to stay home and listen to music.  It’s a good time to organize your record collections as well.  I’ve been doing a lot of both. The subject I’d like to explore though is, do audiophiles generally have ADD?  I’ll say straight away, yes, but just occasionally, like when we get new equipment.  At least it’s that way with me.  When I get something new, I listen immediately to a minute or…

Music is Love, by Jim Forte

Mar 05, 2020

Music Is Love As a newly inducted member of the SFAS “leadership team”, I want to talk about music. After all, this is what we all pursue with a passion. We are inspired by it. We are lifted by it. We are moved by it. We seek perfection in it… And for some of us, it is a spiritual experience. Before you finish reading this article, my hope is this helps add to the perspective of your own musical journey. A few or more years back, Stanford University held a weekend long symposium on the effect of music on sentient…

New Toy – Tripp Lite IS1000HG, by Larry Deniston

Mar 02, 2020

In a search for clean power for my system, I remembered a suggestion from Vince Galbo of MSB Technologies during a wide-ranging discussion about the MSB Analog DAC and the importance of clean power.  Vince had recommended the Tripp Lite IS500HG, which is a 500 watt, hospital grade isolation transformer.  I opted for the IS1000HG which is the 1000 watt version of the Tripp Lite as I was plugging everything except the subwoofer into the isolation transformer and more is better, right?  While the Tripp Lite doesn't have fancy case-work, an audiophile reputation or an audiophile price tag, it does noticeably lower…

ASC Acoustic Tip of the Week: Room Boundary Materials

Feb 28, 2020

Do your walls, ceiling, or floor thump like a gigantic bass drum? Does your basement ceiling leak movie sound effects into the bedrooms upstairs? Does your studio floor add a mid-range coloration you can't quite put your finger on? Do your painted concrete block walls make your room sound like a gymnasium? Do your wooden walls sing warmly like a Stradivarius? Room boundaries can be both detrimental and helpful to the sound of your room and your overall sonic goals. Sound Transmission vs Containment Most people generally do not want sound leaking into or out of their critical audio rooms.  Unfortunately, sound…

From the mind of Gregory Morgan

Feb 24, 2020

Greetings, As I am new to the board, I would like to take this moment to provide a bit of an introduction. I have been a record collector for as long as I can remember. I bought my first records at the age of three (Spider-Man vs. the Man Wolf – a comic that came with a 45 rpm record of the story- and I still have it). As much as I feel that having a system that presents an enjoyable listening experience is important, I find that stereo systems are a very individual thing. I don’t want a linear flat system. I want a stereo system that makes the music I listen to sound good to my ear. I want a system (and chair) that allows me to relax while…

Equipment Repair and Service

Feb 10, 2020

Berkeley Stereo has a good repair tech named Kent Leech.  He is especially adept at restoring older tube gear. True Sound in Campbell.  Nick Gowan is a competent technician that works on tube and solid-state gear. Matt Householder, Electrical engineer, works out of home in SF. Works mostly on the older gear (90’s and back). Tube gear and has a real love for turntables.  (415) 516-7562 Speaker Re-coning, Audivex, Dan, (510)-527-1391, 1345-A Martin Luther King at Rose, Berkeley. Wed. - Sat. noon to 6:00. Eric Mannon, MCIaudio,  Rebuilding crossovers, capacitor replacement and upgrades, repair of compression drivers and horns, equipment liquidation. Turntable and…

Some Musings on Power, by Larry Deniston

Feb 04, 2020

The AC power supplying my system has mostly been an afterthought at least until recently.  Sure, I’ve made attempts to improve the quality of the power in my listening room by moving from simple power strips to a Power Plant Premier (an older iteration of the PS Audio regenerator) and then to a Synergistic Research Powercell 10se Mk III.  I’ve also installed two dedicated 20-amp circuits in the space.  Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to try a PS Audio P5 (much better than the Power Plant Premier) and a Zorin isolation transformer (quite impressive) in my system.  But the quality…

The Legacy of Roger Modjeski, by Alan Martin

Jan 27, 2020

As I reflect on Roger’s contributions to the field of audio reproduction it makes me proud to have contributed to several of his projects over the past year. Yes, so sad to have lost him at such an early age when he still had so many ideas he wanted to explore. For those that did not know Roger, or ever hear him speak, we are fortunate that there is a small library of on-line videos that capture some of his ideas and reveal his approach to tube amplifier and transformer design. Roger had a spirited discussion style that I always…