You’ve heard of audiophile cable break-in devices…

Apr 05, 2010 about automated violin break-in devices? Who will be the first audiophile to apply this gear to a speaker cabinet? (Cable break-in cookers are, of course, still available - starting at $800.) Bob

Many (remote) voices singing

Mar 24, 2010

While not in 24/192, I think you'll agree with me that the final product -- 'Lux Aurumque' -- of composer/conductor Eric Whitacre's epic choral experiment is stunning, captivating, and just plain cool. Using the web, Eric recorded 250 performers in 25 countries, each singing a part of the song. Then, in what must of been one heck of a mixing session, he combined the tracks. Check out his blog to hear more singing and learn more about how it was done. Enjoy!

Is old audio science best?

Mar 23, 2010

As many of you know, I'm in the midst of a personal 'analog renewal.' In fact, I haven't played a digital song on my system this year. None! It's been quite an interesting experience. What does this have to do with today's post? Well, one could argue that the vast majority of what's needed for quality audio reproduction was known by 1960. The breadth of knowledge was amazing, and the research topics in audio were vibrant. Well, led by a post on AA, I discovered a terrific source of 'old knowledge' - and it's free! There's something here for most…

Results of the Great BAAS Audiophile Survey

Oct 07, 2009

We had 93 responses (thanks!) to our survey. Some were surprising, others not. Here are the punchlines: About 10% of members go to audio conferences/shows - CES has the highest interest. San Francisco is the most convenient event location Marin the least. Members are most interested in speakers, amps, and digital Least interested in pro gear and DIY The majority of members are willing  to pay $10 or more for a "good" BAAS evnt ...and they think that contributions should be voluntary Thanks again for your responses - we'll try to plan accordingly! Bob Walters

Will New FTC Rules Improve Audiophile Product Reviews?

Oct 06, 2009

As reported in today's New York Times (here), the FTC is moving quickly to tighten disclosure laws for bloggers (or other website authors) doing product reviews. In short, if the reviewer has any financial relationship to the vendor - including receiving free samples - it must be disclosed. One would assume that advertising deals would also fall under the ruling. This is good news for most consumers, as abuse is rampant in some areas (see article). But what about audiophiles? Will they benefit? I believe so. Transparency is a cornerstone of journalism, and audio buyers should be made aware of…

How Monster Got It’s Start

May 01, 2009

CNN Money has an interesting article about the beginnings of Monster Cable, one of the first big Bay Area audiophile success stories. Worth the read, the piece describes how Noel Lee started an industry - a habit that has stuck with the Valley throughout the years. by Bob Walters

More Free Music Downloads – 100 Years Old!

Apr 02, 2009

This archive site by Syracuse University hosts some of the most unusual recordings for download on the internet. You see, the original recordings are almost 100 years old! A wide variety of music genres is represented. Indeed, there's something for everybody here. The site streams MP3, but also offers WAV downloads. Most of the originals are on wax cylinders, with digital transfers typically made via a Benchmark ADC. I really enjoy the stuff - you might too! (A similar site is run by UCSB.) by Bob Walters

The Ultimate Audiophile iPhone App?

Feb 26, 2009

Nope, it's not the neat real-time spectrum analyzer (RTA). Nor is it the tone generator. It's the "Electron Tube" of course! Who would have thunk it? (My guess is that the candle was its inspiration.) Yours for only $0.99 (plus an iPhone). Bob Walters

More Cries of “Snake Oil”

Feb 26, 2009

As is usual, new sources have popped up disparaging some aspects of our hobby. The latest that I have encountered is from the ILikeJam blog,  which sports one of the more unique "mission statements" that I have seen (not repeated here). That blog's links lead to the "usual suspects": a cable autopsy, Doug Self on subjectivism, and Ethan Winer. I must add that I find some humor in the names in this context - "Self" and "Winer" - but that's just me. I will also hasten to add that I agree with very little of what is said in these…

A Dozen Opinions on Computer Audio

Jan 28, 2009

Dave Clark at Positive Feedback recently interviewed 12 experts, asking 10 questions on the trends in digital playback. The result is a valuable compendium of info on topics such as: USB or Firewire Jitter "Pro" gear vs "Audiophile" gear And much more.... If you are thinking about computer or 'music server' sources, then this is highly recommended reading. Click here to read.... by bob walters