Keeping up with BAASnotes

Jan 28, 2009

The easiest way to stay current with BAAS and this web site is to subscribe to its RSS feed. Click here for  an explanation of RSS. Also, you can subscribe to email updates of comments. To do so, simply use the "Subscription Manager" feature at the bottom of the "Leave a Comment" dialog (see example at right). Please take advantage of these two features. This will allow you to better keep up with BAAS, and allow me to send fewer emails!  ;-)  by bob walters

BAAS AIX/iTrax Event featuring Mark Waldrep

Jan 25, 2009

About 40 members and theirs guests were treated to some great music yesterday, courtesy Mark Waldrep and Bay Area Audio. Between teaching at a local university, recording audiophile gigs at AIX Studios, and running, Mark Waldrep leads a very busy life. And did I mention Mark is also employed by a hot video startup? One of the key elements of the event was the ability to compare/contrast 2-channel and 7.1 surround versions of Mark's audiophile-quality recordings.  And what great music it was, especially since it included "private" (unreleased) acoustic tracks from the likes of Jennifer Warnes! Here are some…

Inexpensive Audiophile Tweaks

Jan 17, 2009

We are all looking for inexpensive ways to improve the sound quality of our systems. Now a new company, "Elemental Voice," has taken this concept to the next level. Click here for their product catalog. As always, enjoy the music! <g> by bob walters

How Digital Killed the (Evil) Record Labels

Jan 07, 2009

This NY Times article describes a new book by Steve Knopper, "Appetite for Self-Destruction." In "Appetite," Knopper outlines the rise of the CD, fall of the "single." and ultimate victory of downloads and the iPod. All interesting topics and I'm sure worthy of a read. (Someone send me the Cliff's Notes!)

The Best-kept Secret in Mac CD Ripping?

Oct 25, 2008

Great news for audiophiles who, like myself, love all-things-Mac -- we now have our own ripper with most of the capabilities of "EAC" or "dbPowerAmp." And it's free and open-source! The product is called XLD (X Lossless Decoder) and boasts the most impressive feature list of anything Mac. You can download it here. If you use it, I heartily suggest that you donate here. You can get free forum support on Hydrogen Audio here. NEW: This tutorial on ripping is must-read! XLD's feature list is so strong that it may put my favorite cover art program (Cover Scout, which has…

Does Bandwidth Beyond 20khz Improve Sound Quality?

Oct 24, 2008

Some folks over at the SlimDevices Forum (here) are currently debating the impact of this 2000 psycho-acoustic scholarly research from Japan. The results of the study support some remarkable and far-reaching conclusions: Frequency content beyond 20khz enhances human perception of music - test subjects favor it over lower-bandwidth material. Brain activity can be measured and used to correlate subjective assessments of the subjects. The form of ABX testing most commonly used in listening tests - several seconds of sound separated by less than a second of silence while switching samples - is inappropriate to measure a human's assessment of musical…

Free Download – Blue Coast “The BAAS Sessions”

Oct 18, 2008

Click here for exclusive recordings from our Blue Coast Records event. The tracks are available as both playable MP3 and downloadable 16/44.1 WAV. So most everyone should be able to play them with good fidelity. You'll find not just the mixed versions, but also the "raw mic" tracks from the various microphones that Cookie used. Listening to these tracks will give you a real perspective on "reproducing the original sonic event." As far as I know, this type of opportunity is very rare. So take advantage of it - especially if you weren't at the event! Thanks again, Cookie and…

Greeks Scientifically Test “Vinyl vs CD”

Oct 15, 2008

The Audiophile Club of Athens remains very active. Its latest endeavor (documented here) tackles an issue that seems to plague many audiophiles - "is CD/digital (finally) better than analog/vinyl"? Their answer is an emphatic  "NO!" While I disagree with some of their methodology, it makes for interesting reading. And I certainly applaud their effort. I'll leave you to form your own conclusions....

The Worst Album Covers EVER!

Oct 05, 2008

How do you like the one on the left? It's actually one of the more tasteful ones on this site, which is a unique "worst of" collection. Note: Folks with delicate sensibilities should not click the link. Enjoy!

Want to compare high-res digital formats?

Oct 04, 2008

Click here for an excellent source of music samples in widely- varying digital formats - right up to 24/353! I've not downloaded any of them yet, so please share your experiences if you have!