On Bandwidth (and Sampling Rate)

Oct 04, 2008

For our technically-minded members, I'm sure that you're aware of Fourier Analysis and the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) that revolutionized signal processing. For others, the core idea is that any signal can be efficiently decomposed into a number of sine waves. The more sine waves, the better the approximation. The graphic at left shows a number of such approximations to a square wave. Engineers (even audio engineers) love square waves because of their infinitely rich harmonic structure. Listen to this sound clip (sin-sq-440-128k.mp3) to hear the A above middle C (440 hz) - first as a pure tone for 10…

Best Collection of Concert Posters – Ever?

Sep 30, 2008

Click here to view an awesome collection of concert posters. This may be the best I've seen in one place. Enjoy!

LittleFlashlight – Valhalla Cable Better than a Woman?

Sep 23, 2008

Check out this funny, creepy video from confessed audiophile LittleFlashlight. A bit over-the-top, but cool. Lots of other a-phile related vid's there too...

…I’ve bought maybe 49 amplifiers – in the past year…

Aug 30, 2008

So says one of the audiophiles in this humorous video - but is it a Greek tragedy or comedy? "...I think he hasn't told me the truth [about the expenditures]...," says the spouse. Indeed.   <g>

“Music” Leads Video Games Growth

Jul 17, 2008

Much has been written about the demise of the traditional music industry. There's also been some commentary about where commercial music is heading. But the most-overlooked area of development is probably video games. In fact, while many areas of gaming seem to have reached steady-state growth, music gaming is booming. And it's multi-generational. Whole families want to be guitar heroes.... Click here for more.

Peter Gabriel Says iTunes Is Too Powerful

Jul 13, 2008

In a wide-ranging interview, PG talks about how the internet is changing music distribution, his notion of an ideal web site, and his upcoming album. Among other things, he says iTunes is too powerful (Amazon and others are changing this) and that the record labels can and should morph into 'services businesses' catering to artists. Read all about it in this video clip.

The Perils of Audiophile Solder

Jul 13, 2008

To my growing list of "audiophile stuff that doesn't work" I must now add solder! Here's what Bruce Rozenblit, owner of Transcendant Sound, has to say: Don't  Use WBT Solder On My Kits. I have had to repair a couple of kits recently that used WBT solder.  The flux used in it does not properly wet the metals used in terminal strips and tube sockets.  It just doesn't stick and flow well to them.  It works fine on gold-plated terminals.  Beginners think solder is supposed to act this way and don't realize what is going on and get bad joints.  …

The Rudiments of (Sound) Wisdom

Jun 27, 2008

For an entertaining look at "how things work," check out Tim Hunkin's "Rudiments of Wisdom" web site (click here). Of course, the main reason I bring this up to BAAS is the section on "Music." In this section, Hunkin explains why guitars sound different, that sound travels 3X faster in steel than air, and the shellfish-based origins of the trumpet. A quick & easy (and educational) read. Good for kids too.

T Bone Burnett Says CD-quality Sucks

Jun 13, 2008

Accomplished producer Burnett lashed out at CD and [iTunes-quality] downloads in this interview: "We've been fighting digital sound since it came out twenty years's gotten to a place that's harder to listen to. It's stepped down from tape to digital to compressed digital, so people are now listening to a Xerox of a Polaroid of a photograph of a painting." So what does T Bone recommend? Interestingly, its not vinyl (or other analog media). Rather, he focuses on DVD-A (?) and other re-res digital formats. T Bone has produced "Raising Sand" (left) and many other hit recordings.

New Release on Blu-Ray and Hires Downloads

May 31, 2008

The net is atwitter with talk of the first musical release on Blu-Ray (click here for an example. But these articles fail to let us know how to get it. So it was time for Google.... I found not only where to buy, but also a very cool website full of high-resolution downloads. All this from freedom-loving Norway. (If you haven't sampled the Scandinavian music scene, you're missing some great music.) Enjoy!