DanF’s System

Mar 05, 2008

DIGITAL SOURCES Sony CX90es Monarchy Audio DIP Sony DVPCX995V ANALOG SOURCES None PREAMP Sony TAE-9000es (more…)

Monster Cable vs Coat Hangers

Mar 05, 2008

If you haven't seen the latest "audiophile cables are hype" saga, click here for the Engadget article (courtesy of RichardT). On a related note, RichardT (a BAAS member) shares the results of his own informal testing: Two friends and I recently did a careful test of audio input cables using two high end cables and a worst case pair of beat up radio shack cables. We made a switcher that instantly let us go back and forth seamlessly. Each of us sat in the sweet spot and did the test many times. After listening and going back and fourth, we…

ChrisK’s System

Mar 04, 2008

Digital Sources: Arcam DV137 HTPC (FLAC) - ditching this, tired of dealing with it Squeezebox Lavry DA10 DAC Analog Sources: Denon TU-660 AM/FM Tuner Yamaha turntable w/Grado cartridge & Rolls Bellari VP129 phono amp (turntable recently stored for a while) Preamp: Rotel RSP-1068 Pre/Processor (more…)

DavidH’s System

Mar 02, 2008

DIGITAL SOURCES Oppo DV-970HD Universal Player Cambridge Audio Azur 840C Upsampling CD Player Sony SCD222ES SACD player – Modified by Oritech DAC Teac R-WD 250 CD Recorder Tivo Series 3 HD DVR Dual Recorder w THX 5.1 Sound iPod Gen 5 ANALOG SOURCES Oracle Delhi MKV Turntable – Turbo Power Supply - SME Series lV Arm - Shelter 90X cartridge Jolida 402 Tubed Tuner PREAMP Audio Research LS25 MKll Audio Research PH3 Phono Stage (modified) Jolida JD9 Tubed Phono Stage Dynaco Pass 3 (more…)

Craig & Christina E’s System

Mar 02, 2008

Digital: Denon DVM 4800 DVD Analog: SME Model 10A turntable with model 20/30 arm mounting plate Shelter 901 cartridge EAR 834P phono-preamp modified by Scott Frankland Tube Amps and Services EAR MC-4 step-up transformer Preamp: Quicksilver remote preamp w/Amperex A-frame 6DJ8s (more…)

BlaineH’s System

Feb 28, 2008

DIGITAL SOURCES Sony 9100es ANALOG SOURCES None PREAMP Placette passive RVC (more…)

MiguelDF’s System

Feb 27, 2008

Sources: Linn Pekin Tuner Rotel DVD/CD RDV1040 C. E. C. CD Player TL51XR Integrated Amp Audiomat Opera Speakers Silverline Audio's SR 17.5s (more…)

ChrisG’s System

Feb 27, 2008

DIGITAL SOURCES Sony 777ES Modified by Vacuum State to Level 6 ANALOG SOURCES None PREAMP BAT VK 5i (more…)

CraigS’s System

Feb 27, 2008

DIGITAL SOURCES @tunes SB+ Streaming Device (coming) ANALOG SOURCES Garrard 301 Turntable; Denon 103R; OL Silver Tonearm Marantz SLT 12U Turntable; Denon 103R PHONOSTAGE Decware ZP2 PREAMP Eastern Electric MiniMax (upgraded by Tom Tutay) (more…)

Recommended Format for “Your System”

Feb 27, 2008

I just got a good suggestion from Aaron re including general location info in the listing (e.g., "Santa Clara" or "Peninsula"). So that gives us the following recommended outline: Digital Sources Analog Sources Preamp Amp Speakers Cables Other (incl. power conditioning) Can members visit? Location Pictures Please follow this format, as it makes it easier for me to post the info!