WimV’s System

Feb 26, 2008

Power Conditioning Belkin, PURE/AV PF60 Pre-amplifier/processor B&K Reference 50 with version 2.03 software Phono-Stages Musical Fidelity X-LPS Picolo, Hagerman MC preamp. (more…)

BobS’s System

Feb 26, 2008

Speakers: Thiel CS 3.7 Amplifier: Parasound JC-1 monoblocks. Preamplifier: None; DAC has gain control. CD: Lavry DA-10 DAC. Levinson 37 transport. Analog: None. Cables/Interconnects: Cardas Neutral Reference XLR interconnect between Lavry & JC-1; Stereovox digital coax cable; Tommy Jenving Supra Ply loudspeaker cable. Power Filters: PS Audio UPC power filter for power amps; Monster Cable HTS-3500 power filter for other gear. Room Size: 27 x 15.3 x 8 (excessively live; needs absorptive treatment) Music preferences: Classical & Opera. Bob's early review of the Thiel's is posted here.

DonD’s System

Feb 26, 2008

The main components are: DIGITAL SOURCES McIntosh MVP-861 CD/DVD all formats Player McIntosh MS-300 Music Server & CD Player RSQ MV-333 DVD-G Karaoke CD Player McIntosh MDA 1000 DA converter ANALOG SOURCES None PREAMP McIntosh MX-132 Surround Pre-amp Merlin Bass Activation Module POWER AMPS McIntosh MC-602 Amplifier McIntosh MC-7205 Multi-ch-amp (more…)

JimG’s System

Feb 26, 2008

The main components are: DIGITAL SOURCES Apple G5, Apple RAID array file server in the basement for ITunes capable MACBook upstairs APL 3910 Universal player CDP ANALOG SOURCES None PREAMP APL Merlin Bass Activation Module POWER AMP Blue Circle BC204 stereo hybrid amplifier Cables Speaker cables are Cardas Golden Reference Balanced ICs are Blue Circle (more…)

TomB’s System

Feb 26, 2008

Tom's system can best be viewed by clicking here, but the picture kinda tells the story!

ToddM’s System

Feb 26, 2008

The main components are:DIGITAL SOURCES Sony S530D DVD Player (on its way out) Benchmark USB DAC1 (in the mail) My digital source is evolving and is likely headed to PC audio ANALOG SOURCES None PREAMP None POWER AMP Prima Luna Dialogue II Cables Blue Jeans/Belden 10 gauge copper Speakers Devore Fidelity Super Gibbon 8s Other None Members can visit? Yes

Bob Walters’ System

Feb 26, 2008

The main components are: DIGITAL SOURCES Oppo DV-980H (for video only) SlimDevices Transporter (soon to be modded with clock/Class A out) Oritek DAC Pioneer DV-58AV w/EVS mods ANALOG SOURCES None PREAMP Oritek Prototype w/Stepped Attenuator POWER AMPS Packard Bell EL84 SE amp (4 wpc) ...extracted from 1960 console, modded Packard Bell EL84 push-pull (12 wpc) ...extracted from 1960's console, mods in progress Curtis-Mathis "High Fidelity System" EL84 PP Receiver (14 wpc) ...vintage piece restored by Ori [my current tube reference amp] VTL/Manley Labs EL34 "Signature" Monoblocs (35 wpc) ...with Mundorf Silver/Oil caps, reduced voltage and gain Antique Soundlabs (ASL) 1006-DT2…

Posting Comments on This Site

Feb 24, 2008

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RR 24/176 Hi-rez & Magico V3’s – A Listening Impression

Feb 22, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, Ori and I had the opportunity to listen to Magico V3 floorstanders with about $100K of electronics feeding them. If that wasn't cool enough, we were in a purpose-built ($50K?) listening room. And for dessert, we got an early listen to Reference Recording's soon-to-be-released 24/176 recordings.Here is my impression of the sights and sounds: The electronics. All-solid-state and clean and powerful. Very transparent. Harmonically balanced and tuneful. No glare. With about 600w/chan on hand, the Magico's were modulated by a very firm grip. The speakers. The V3's are so transparent and balanced that they practically…

Hello world! (New web site launched)

Feb 14, 2008

Welcome to the new BAAS website! Tune in frequently for updates on events, specials, equipment, etc. You can now reach me directly at: bob at Please contact me if you have any comments, suggestions, or other requests. Note that you must register before posting comments on this site. Send an email request to me if you so desire. Bob Walters