IsoAcoustics Gaia II, by Alón Sagee

Oct 14, 2019

My experience of IsoAcoustics Gaia II vibration damping pods for floor standing speakers. By Alón Sagee   Unpacking: We’re often warned to not judge a book by its cover… but If you’ve ever unpacked an expensive new audio gizmo, you know that clever and elegant packaging manages to set one up for a good experience. The thought being that if this company takes this much care in making the packaging of their products so attractive, the contents must be something special. indeed, this is the case with IsoAccoustic’s Gaia line of products. Removing the top cover of a well-designed box,…

New Toy

Oct 02, 2019

Pass Labs XP-17 by Kevin Olson Curiosity killed the cat? Question: What makes you want something? What turns a want into a purchase? Well, for me, it is often curiosity. I read about a new product design to get improved sound. Products are produced, reviews are written and often it is out of reach financially. I hope to hear it at a show or at an SFAS event even if it is beyond my budget. Curiosity. "Miles Davis", Kevin's Curious Cat Sometimes someone makes a version of the product and it now falls within my budget. Yes! I got an…

What does “high resolution audio” mean?

Sep 30, 2019

 Here's a paper issued by NARAS... see what you think NARAS (National Association for Recording Arts and Sciences and the Grammy folks) created a paper in 2017 to help understand what they hope we all adopt as HRA (high resolution audio) standards. But does everyone agree? Have a read of their paper in the link above and provide a comment on that page for us to discuss. Amazon and Apple are trillion dollar companies and have announced their commitment to high resolution music streaming. This is highly significant because they may change our understanding of HRA. Just what does…

A Lost Album From John Coltrane, With Thanks To A French-Canadian Director

Aug 26, 2019

An interesting article from npr: "There is never any end," John Coltrane said sometime in the mid-1960s, at the height of his powers. "There are always new sounds to imagine; new feelings to get at." Coltrane, one of jazz's most revered saxophonists, was speaking to Nat Hentoff about an eternal quest — a compulsion to reach toward the next horizon, and the next. More than half a century after his death, that restless pronouncement also carries implications for us, the beneficiaries of Coltrane's music. Not only because his body of work represents a fathomless realm of insight, as his many admirers…

33 1/3 Questions with Andrew Cartmel, author of The Vinyl Detective Mysteries

Jul 24, 2019

   33 1/3 Questions with Andrew Cartmel, author of The Vinyl Detective Mysteries. By David Hicks           Andrew Cartmel is no Johnny-come-lately putting plot to paper.  Among other things, he was the script editor of Doctor Who during the final three seasons of its original run on BBC One; has worked as a magazine editor, a comics writer, a film studies lecturer, and has written for audiophile magazines and has several other novels published outside the domain of The Vinyl Detective. While reading the first book in the series I was pleased to discover that I…

Thousands of Master Recordings Lost in 2008 Fire

Jun 22, 2019

A New York Times investigation has revealed that decades of Universal Music Group treasures burned in 2008. Firefighters helped remove canisters from a burning vault at Universal Studios in Universal City, Calif., on June 1, 2008.CreditCreditJuan Guerra/Associated Press By Niraj Chokshi June 11, 2019 Eleven years ago this month, a fire ripped through a part of Universal Studios Hollywood. At the time, the company said that the blaze had destroyed the theme park’s “King Kong” attraction and a video vault that contained only copies of old works. But, according to an article published on Tuesday by The New York Times Magazine, the…


May 27, 2019

Thanks to member Bill Robinson for passing along this interesting article by Bill Whitlock(1): 0 - INTRODUCTION “A cable is a source of potential trouble connecting two other sources of potential trouble.” This joke among electronic system engineers is worth keeping in mind. Any signal accumulates noise as it flows through the equipment and cables in a system. Once noise contaminates a signal, it's essentially impossible to remove it without altering or degrading the original signal. For this reason, no system can be quieter than its noisiest link. Noise and interference must be prevented along the entire signal path. Delivering…

Silicon Valley Magazine Article on SFAS

May 20, 2019

Very nice article in Silcon Valley Magazine: Link to article:  SFAS story

SFAS Partners with SFJazz Center

May 20, 2019

In what may be the first collaboration of its kind, the San Francisco Audiophile Society (SFAS) has partnered with a major urban arts presenter, the SFJAZZ Center, to offer its members a prime block of "audiophile-approved" seats to major SFJAZZ Center events. The instant success of the SFAS Concert Series collaboration is reflected in the fact that all 30 tickets to the first event, a March 1 concert with Taj Mahal, sold out in four hours. In fact, SFAS "chief troublemaker" Alón Sagee was forced to cut the waiting list off at 20, lest even more people get their hopes up for seats…

SFAS System Sundays, By Alón Sagee 

May 19, 2019

I love Sys-hops (audio system auditions at multiple members' homes on the same day). They are fun, educational, inspiring, and build community by increasing interaction between members. I've always wanted to find a way to do more of them – however, it’s not easy coordinating the timing and other logistics for these events with multiple venues, driving distances and schedules. So, I’ve been thinking about a solution… something similar, but without the complicated aspect of hopping. I’m calling these events SFAS System Sundays. SFAS System Sundays will be scheduled for any Sunday –– even on the same weekend as our regular monthly Saturday events. This would be a non-hopping system audition hosted by just one…