SFAS Gets Press!

Feb 09, 2016

Recently, SV Magazine, centered in the South Bay, ran a nice one-page article on SFAS written by their Automotive Editor, Brian Douglas, who turns out is an avid audiophile. It's placed well on page 18, but I found myself going through the entire issue quite captivated. It's very beautiful and tastefully done. Click Here. Enjoy! Alón

Two-speaker Surround Sound – The future?

Jul 27, 2013

As some of you  may know, I went to grad school at Princeton. Professor Edgar Choueiri, one of the prof's in my old department is an audiophile and doing very-cool research (funded mostly by Sony). He's also partnered with David Chesky. Anyway, he came over to my lab (AKA house) last week and set up his gear as a source to my system. Oh my, the sound was truly incredible - a 200-or-so degree soundfield with only two speakers - and no change in tone, transients, or level. Then he did the same thing with my AKG 701 headphones. That…

Memorial – Frank Zappa

May 27, 2013

I came late to the genius of Frank Zappa. this video provides another look at his art and his modus operandi. As a small bonus, there's some cool footage of Dweezel at a mixing board, analyzing and enjoying his father's master tapes. (Frank owned all of his masters.) Enjoy Bob

Sound from Sight

Apr 05, 2013

The recordings are analog, but the medium is ink on paper. This article describes the process used by Indiana University, and contains recordings from the nineteenth century. Bob

Audiophile Porn – 27,000 Pictures of Gear

Mar 28, 2013

The HiFi Shock website fills a unique niche, specializing in showing what's inside audiophile gear. Some very interesting images. New startup idea: do video. Bob    

DSD Audio – The Next WAV?

Feb 03, 2013

The video below will help prepare you for what might be the next wave in high-end digital. It will also serve as a great intro for our next session at Blue Coast Records. (There's a lot of good info to be had from the various RMAF videos.) Enjoy, Bob  

Cool “Live vs Recorded” Video and Free Downloads

Dec 20, 2012

Check out this thread on What's Best's audio forum. You'll find the video by MA Recordings and the Pac NW Audio Society - featuring our own John Stone! You'll also discover a bunch of free high-resolution downloads, some in DSD. Todd G, like Cookie M, is sold on DSD. The WB forum is one of the best IMO. Several BAAS members participate.... Bob

How to Describe Sound Quality (Audiophile 101)

Nov 25, 2012

The illustration below (source unknown) provides some pointers on how to be more exact with your audiophile jargon. As a very course mnemonic, you can use the three decades of the audio spectrum to define bass/midrange/treble: Bass:  20-200 hz Mids:  200-2K hz Treble:  2K-20K hz Enjoy, Bob  

The Price of Audiophilia

Oct 30, 2012

Not much new here, but this article from seeks to plot the price spectrum of audiophilia - with the aid of local McIntosh vendor House of Music. Also referenced is a framework that I had almost forgotten about: The Gizmodo Audiophile Sound Quality Index. (Site currently down due to the storm.) Enjoy, Bob

Japanese Synchronicity

Sep 28, 2012

You'll "get it" by halfway mark...feel free to skip ahead if you must! Leave a comment if you can explain.... Bob Hint: Think Newton's 3rd Law, and how it may play here.